Toast & Twirl Workshop with Elle Talk!

A look at the Toast & Twirl Workshop where I'll be teaching a Mixology class and sharing how I style my Instagram worthy photos. Houston, TX Summer Events 2017.

Photos in this post are taken by Stacy Anderson Photography.

A look at the Toast & Twirl Workshop where I'll be teaching a Mixology class and sharing how I style my instagram worthy photos. Houston, TX Summer Events 2017.

I wanted to stop in today to let you in on a fun project I have coming up. On August 5th I'll be heading to REC ROOM Arts & Bar in Houston, Texas to the Toast & Twirl Workshop! Toast & Twirl Workshop is a crafting workshop dedicated to fueling your creativity and immersing yourself in color with FOUR different workshop sessions. The exciting part? I'm teaching a MIXOLOGY SESSION! That's right I'll be at Toast & Twirl Workshop teaching how to make three party cocktails and some fun ways to style them for Instagram worthy photos. Bonus, you'll walk away with not only fabulous door prizes because the sponsored list is out of this world, but also a Cocktail DIY Kit from my session. 



Mixology isn't the only session shaking up around Toast & Twirl! It's not a party till donuts are involved. Wink By Erica will be teaching you how to decorate your favorite donuts that will be a feast for your eyes and stomach. 

Alaan Studio will also be hosting a session where you get to learn how to make Paper Florals and I hear succulents maybe involved somehow, wink wink. 

Last but not least, the sweet soul that is Kristen Leigh will be back from last year's workshop to teach a Hand Lettering session! You'll be creating your own hand lettering style and designing your perfect print on custom Toast & Twirl workshop watercolor backdrops. 



All this crafting will work up your appetite so a taco lunch with a cacti cocktail will be had! Plus, Jarritos will be bringing in their delicious sodas for a bubbly kick AND Clutch Town Coffee is coming in with an Iced Coffee Bar for your sipping pleasure through out the event.

Speaking of sponsors check out this awesome list of amazing brands getting involved with the event for goodies and swag to go with your adorable crafts you'll take home: 

Burdlife, Stacy Anderson Photography, Fellini Cafe, Swift Events, Casa De Flores Design, Big Ass Balloons, The Confetti Bar, Twirl Cotton Candy, and Lila Wines.

As if your hands won't be full enough Shop the Manor and Inner Me Studios will both be throwing giveaways at the event!



If you've ever wanted to learn how to make an Elle Talk cocktail in person, this is your chance! I am incredibly excited and honored to be apart of this event. I hope to share this hands on experience with you and get to meet a few of my readers to talk about all the boozy things we love. 

If you'd like to know more about the Toast & Twirl Workshop visit the website here. 

Already wondering how you can attend? You can do so right here! Ticket sales end August 1st, so if you're one the fence send me an email at if you have any questions. I'd love to help answer them.

Hopefully I'll see your gorgeous face there!