The Lull of Life

I share a personal piece on how my life has been halted into bored and a state of lull. //

Lately, I've been neglecting the lifestyle part of this blog, a lot. This blog is called Elle Talk and I swear in my daily life I do more than talk about boozy concoctions. However, every time I try to sit down and write to you about my latest life stories, obviously, it just doesn't happen. The reason for that is because we're in what I like to call the lull of life. It's that moment you look around and everything is just placid. 

I'ts not a bad place to be in but it's not a very intriguing one either. Nothing exciting nor nothing bad is happening. I guess that should be a little bit of a blessing after hitting 2016 on a colorful rocket ship of a packed schedule. Yet for the first time all year, my calendar is completely empty. My life feels a little monochrome. All this spare time I was wanting to have, this down time, well I have it and I don't know what to do with it. 

Everyone in my life is having babies, buying a house, traveling to x, or doing the next big thing. All of these bright and beautiful stories. For us, babies are still long off. Our own home will come when we figure out where we want to settle. Traveling isn't something we do because our travel money and time off goes to seeing our families. The next big thing? Triathlon and my blog, well those are in a lull too. There is no "next big thing" or "the next step" that is in eye site, everything is just, normal. 

It's funny how we are always begging for the chaos to subside yet when the calm does hit we feel completely unnatural in those moments. It's like we're so used to the noise and the fuss that even though we hate it in the moment when it's gone, we miss it.  At least I miss it. 

So I guess I never realized I like living in the colorful chaos of a busy life. I always thought I enjoyed living in that lulled gray area where everything is the same but not necessarily in a bad way. Matter of fact I think I thrive better in the disorder. I clearly write better in it and this blog flourishes under it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is a little boring right now. My stories are a little boring and the life updates, are all the same. So I'm waiting to come back to the lifestyle of this blog when the colorful aspects peek back in.

Until then enjoy the drinks. I promise I'll be behind the bar ready to tell you the stories of my life as soon as they happen.

Until then I'll be living the lulled life.