Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket DIY

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A DIY on how to put together the ultimate gift basket for a new mom sponsored by Wrigley Extra® Gum.  #Sponsored // www.ElleTalk.com

There are a lot of special women in my life who are experiencing one of the biggest changes in their lives, becoming a new Mom. It's been such an amazing and blessed experience to see them create new life and grow into that roll of Mom. I look back on when I meet some of these amazing women. Weather it was in college or highschool, maybe through blogging. I never realized that these special bonds we have would carry us through so many different parts of life. This one though, just might be my favorite part of them all.  

That's why I wanted to share how I celebrate my amazing girls with a gift basket DIY. This one is sure to pamper them to the fullest with their new Mom status. I've added in things to help those first few weeks of being home with a newborn a little easier without being invasive. Items include things such a dry shampoo, TV series, and the new Extra® 35 pack from Wrigley gum! This basket is sure to help with those long feedings and constant line of visitors. Not to mention with Wrigley Extra® when you give extra, you get extra. Let's be real new Mom's deserve all the extra love and support they can get.


How to make the ultimate new Mom gift basket with Wrigley Extra®. #AD // www.ElleTalk.com

For your exterior you will need:

A basket or one of those metal wash bins. I personally like getting them large enough so that they can be repurposed. Let's say maybe those oh so sweet newborn photos?

Filler is next and it can be anything from fabric, straw, or tissue paper. I like using fabric because it's easy to bundle up, and doesn't leave a major mess like straw.

For you interior you will need:

Magazines - New Mommas go through a lot of feedings/pumpings and then waiting for another round. I like to get magazines to cater to that Momma's hobbies and keep her occupied!

Waterbottle - Water, everyone should be guzzling it. For new Moms it's extra important to stay hydrated because it helps with the healing process. Also it's a huge aid in milk supply!

Relaxing Lotion - Life is different, it's _____. Insert your own word because it's different for everyone. Some say hectic others say magical. At the end of the day though your gal deserves to relax. Relaxing lotions with lavender or eucalyptus can help jump start that process.

Hair Elastics & Pins - There is a reason why a lot of Mom's cut their hair short after birth. It gets in the way, and over time becomes a favorite place for little hands to grab on to. Hook a girl up with some ponytail holders and pins to help get her hair out of the way!

Dry Shampoo - Speaking of hair. We all have that one relative that would comment on the lack of your appearance straight out of delivery. Help a new Mom out with some dry shampoo for those moments. She's got more important things to do than wash her hair because Aunt Judgy is coming.

Extra® Gum Spearmint & Polar Ice® - Gum is great to have as something to chew on throughout the day to keep you awake during feedings. Plus with a long line of visitors it's easy to have the pack split. You can put one in your living room to share with guests. Then another at the feeding station to chew, thanks to the new Extra® 35 stick-pack. Since the large recycled package is hard and durable it makes it easy to grab gum one handed. We all know the other will be cuddling a new baby, or death gripping freshly pumped liquid gold.


Gift Cards -  Instead of bringing over a casserole you can add a few gift cards to restaurants that deliver! Super awesome cool points if you get a gift card for a cleaning service making one less thing for Mom to do. 

Antibacterial Soap -  More than likely New Mom already has some on hand, but she'll be grateful for any extra. Plus the travel ones make it so much easier to access on a diaper bag.

Wet Wipes - Messes happen, everywhere. More than likely a mess will happen where your gift basket to the new Mama lands. Go ahead and throw in a pack of wipes so she doesn't have to search far for them.

TV series - Just like with the magazines new Mom's have a lot of busy downtime. An entire series for a TV show is easy to start and stop then pick back up throughout the day. You could also go the gift card route here as well! 


1. To assemble start by adding your fabric to your basket. I like an effortless look so just toss it in and let it fall where it falls! 

2. Then start adding in your interior product. These are the rules I follow to balance my baskets. (See chart)

Thin, tall items on the sides.
Heavy, think items in the back.
Small, light items fill the front.

How to make the ultimate new mom gift basket and how to balance a gift basket. #sponsored // www.ElleTalk.com

That's all there is too it. It's so easy and simple! I think it's so important to give and show love to the people who are special is your life. Little things like this can make someone's day and give them an extra boost. For a new Mom it could make their whole week! So what is your go to gift for a new Mom? I'd love to know down below!

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