Georgia Turns Three

A look back at the last year with my Irish Setter, Georgia, on her third birthday!

A look back at the last year with my Irish Setter, Georgia, on her third birthday! // www,

Today my sweet Irish Setter dog, Georgia, turns three. Now, last year, I flat out admitted I'm the crazy dog lady and I have no apologizes for it. I've even been known to dabble in the dark arts of the #DogMom tag from time to time. I took it to a level of making a cocktail themed after my dog for her birthday, which you can totally go check out (it is a sponsored, fyi, gotta pay for all those treats, dawg!) here.

So with all that loving I've got to give to this dog, I wanted to share a little about my last year with this wild pooch. To start if you don't know Georgia is a full blooded working Irish Setter. We drove 9 hours to Texarkana to get her and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She has the emotional range wider than most twenty somethings I know. People think I'm joking when I say that but those people eat their words after their first visit with her. She's definitely my girl, we like to prove people wrong. She's the biggest cuddle really this year she's hit her full adult weight of 65lbs! With the bonus of her adult coat coming into full bloom. If you've been here since I was branded under Becoming A Heath, you know Georgia never really grew neck or chest fur. I'm proud to say she no longer has that goofy coat and has a snazzy full body covering adult one! Can we get a clap for that?


Amongst the other things this year, she modeled for Purina Pro Plan, spent plenty of time with the crab pots at the beach, and has been through 5 frisbees this year. 


She got to be the first dog to meet my parent's new puppy and now they are long distance BFFs. Can you tell who leads and who follows? She also took her first hiking trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains and played in the DuPont Waterfalls this past summer, too.


When winter came we saw a big switch in personality. The last bit of puppyhood wore off finally and skipped right into being someone's Great Babushka.


And because no matter how old she gets, I'll never stop teaching her new tricks. This last year she learned my favorite one of all, hug. Okay, so it's more like a cheek kiss but details...

Oh we've had the absolute best year with our gal. Her goofy and loveable personality is the highlight of my days. There is nothing more I love than waking up to all four of her legs up in the air and ending my days chasing her around the yard. Cheers to you girl, you are one of my best friends and I'm so lucky to enjoy all this fun with you. I can't wait to see what mess we get into this year.


One more for the favorite IG Story from this year of her...


I wasn't kidding about all those frisbees.

My comments now allow for pictures! Show me your best pet photos in honor of Georgia's Birthday!