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Today I just wanted to sit down and talk out the week I've had with you. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent about her week. I was suppose to do some post about Valentine's Date ideas in Houston, and I just don't have it in me to put it together. Don't worry, it will arrive sometime this weekend. So guys, let's just talk today.

It's 1:06pm and I'm just now getting my first cup of coffee and meal, if that remotely tells you how this week has gone. It's been a little bit of a constant theme since Monday.

Speaking of Monday, I had my first Galentine's of the year. This was the highlight of my week! Amber from Amber Oliver, hosted a Galentine's crafting party, and it was just the cutest event. Amber taught us how to make two different Valentine's Day cards, a stitched heart, and then two different techniques for embossed Valentines. I loved getting to catch up with a lot of my blogger girls I haven't seen in a very long time, and eat cupcakes from Whisk! Plus Amber is the kindest, and patient host, she never let anyone get behind in what we were making. Clearly I will be attending another crafting event of hers.

Cute DIY cards from Amber Oliver's Galentine's Craft Party.

The rest of my week has been all about house hunting and apartment hunting. Our lease is up at the end of this month, and we've been stuck between a hard place of where to live. While we are not going to buy a home yet, because we want to get my husband through Master's school first, we are looking at rental homes. See in the area we currently live in, about 30 minutes away from the city, we can get a nice rental home for the same price as a small apartment in Houston. This is something we've always considered. I'm not sure if we've severely romanticized the idea, but something seems so charming about downsizing, and trying city living for a year or so. Especially since we love exploring Houston to the depths that we do. The thing is, we'd have to severely downsize because no one tells you when you get married you inherit the others clutter. 

Well to make a long, grueling story short. We found a home on this side of town but it was a unnecessary stressful process. I can't explain how close to backing out, selling our stuff, and moving to Midtown almost happened multiple times this week. It was not easy getting this home thanks to another couple trying to out win us on it. I'm sorry is this House Hunters or looking for a rental?! Whatever, we got it, and now I get a blogging studio, G get's a yard, B get's a garage to host home to his side of the clutter. So there is that. However I'm still a 30 minutes to the fun in Houston. Not to sound ungrateful, but the process we went through, sort of killed the magic of this home. On another note, we get the keys the day before my birthday, so happy birthday to me! 

Now to top off this crazy week in real estate, my computer decided it wanted to just do whatever it wanted to do. Like delete the podcast I had prepped and ready for next week, (of if you're subscribed to my newsletter, Sunday). Talk about crying over your computer because you just can't anymore. Don't worry, I'll get it re-recorded, and out by Sunday, I just wanted to complain about that happening one more time before I sucked it up and moved on.

That has been my week. When I write it out like this, it doesn't feel like the big deal I had it worked up to be. Where was this clarity on Tuesday? I'll be spending the rest of my week/end experimenting with cocktails for you guys, re-recording the podcast, catching up on Book Club because I'm behind and it just started, and packing. I have 11 days to get this place in boxes and ready to move. Wish me luck! Here are a few awesome things that have happened recently that are better than looking for a home!

  • Gilmore Girls reboot. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!
  • My BFF told me to watch this movie trailer, and we both cried about it over text. 
  • Speaking of videos, I have zero shame to say Coldplay is one of my favorite bands so Chris Martin doing Carpool Karaoke has me dying. AHHHHH.
  • The Color Story App has become my favorite app for editing and enhancing Instagram photos. Highly recommend!
  • SnapChat came out with a filter that makes you look like an upgraded version of yourself. Why I feel grossed out by this probably has to do with the fact that it does in fact make you look like you had Kim K style make up done, but it also fixes things that can only be fixed with surgery. Bigger eyes, smaller nose, pointed chin, thinner face. For that it bothers me, but I do look hella' good.

What is going on in your life currently? I'd love to hear what's new!