Cotton Gifts For A 2nd Anniversary

I'm sharing 15 cotton anniversary gift ideas for your second anniversary. These second anniversary gifts use unique ways to use cotton for a gift. //

Our second anniversary is coming up in two weeks! For a second anniversary, the traditional gift is cotton which can be a very tricky gift to get unique with. Last year for our first anniversary, the paper anniversary, I made B a map with a paper passport that took him all through the city of Houston. The theme was Places Like Other Places, and it was a really big hit. You can read about it here

However this year I'm finding it a little trickier to come up with an idea that's as great as that one. Don't worry I have managed something and you will see it soon. Until then I thought I would share the other ideas I came up with that make equally as good gifts. I love using cotton as a clue to what a bigger gift will be. You'll find a lot of that. I'm excited about the idea of aprons and cooking classes! Let's get into it.

  1.  Nice cotton staples like shirts, socks, shorts, dresses, ext. 
  2.  New cotton bedding to redecorate with.
  3.  Art prints on cotton. B for my 20th birthday had a portrait of me with lyrics to the song Michelle by The Beatles (origin of my name) printed on cotton and framed. It's one of the most memorable gifts B has given me. This would be great for a wedding photo with an anniversary date.
  4.  A monogrammed cotton blanket like this one off Etsy, here
  5.  A cotton beach coverup or beach shirt with travel itinerary for a beach vacation.
  6.  Monogram custom bathrobes with appointments to visit a spa for the day.
  7.  Fun chef aprons paired with a round of cooking classes.
  8.  Find a county fair or carnival. Have a romantic date of playing games, riding the Ferris wheel, and of course eating cotton candy.
  9.  Wanting to just eat out? Head to a place with the word Cotton in it. We have Cottonwoods here in Houston!
  10.  An accent pillow case with your anniversary date on it.
  11.  Perfume or cologne with fresh cotton undertones. Like this one from Marc Jacobs. Bonus points if you make your own perfume!
  12. Take Anniversary photos in a cotton field with rustic props in cotton based clothing.
  13.  Football fan? How about tickets and a trip to see the Cotton Bowl?
  14.  Grab cotton based canvases and gift a painting class!
  15.  Turn a favorite place in the yard to a relaxing oasis. Using a cotton hammock, a fire pit, and funky plants. It's easy to make a space to relax in. I would pair it with books or a Kindle.

I hope you liked these unique second anniversary gifts ideas! What cotton anniversary based ideas can you come up with? I would love to know them down below!