Adventuring into Year Three

It's our 3rd wedding anniversary, today!


If you've been following along you know last year Houston flooded on our anniversary. Then on our first anniversary our apartment flooded from a large storm that came through. So when the forecast said it would be storming all day today, well....we just get it weather...we get it! You like to rain on April 18th. A like it a damn lot.

Nonetheless, this last year of being married has been a crazy year of accomplishing many small and medium goals. I finished a triathlon, Brad finished his third marathon, we finished a half marathon relay together, we bought a brand new car, I donated 11 inches of hair, we're slowly redecorating the house, we both made two great new friendships, Elle Talk hit some milestones, and Brad even found a few new hobbies in cast iron cooking, gardening, and bread making. Thanks, Great British Bake Off for that last one. 

Elle Talk Third Anniversary

Normally I'm much better with my words and feelings about all this. Like last year's post makes me tear up a bit! However this year, I feel completely content and I'm not sure what to tell you. What I can say is for once, in a really long time I feel like I have a settled home. We didn't move for the 100th time, we're don't fill our calendars endless events, and we're just falling into a pace of life I think we didn't know we would love. Oh my goodness is it boring but sometimes there is nothing better than waking up on Sunday to go grocery shopping together, grabbing a danish in the bakery for breakfast, coming home to make bread or tend to the garden, then walking the dog, stopping to talk to the neighbors, and come home knowing at some point you're going to open a bottle of wine and watch the new hit show on HBO. It's so damn normal and it's also so beautiful at the same time. 

I didn't have normal for a long time in my life. So for me, these little daily adventures of normalcy, they're where it's at. This moment of creating what will be the routine in our lives is something I've looked forward to for a long time. Yes, it's going to change but this feeling of there is no place like home, is pretty freaking great. It's something we've created together and today, it just seems extra important to embrace. It might be my favorite thing we've accomplished in this year.

So here are to many more boring years. Okay, we both know that's not true. Maybe in Year Three I'll run the marathon this time or B will do the triathlon. Maybe we'll going camping somewhere we've never been. Maybe the adventure will be in new hobbies or new people. Maybe it will be that Brad picks the apple danish over the cream cheese for once. Whatever new thing we stumble upon, whatever new routine we make, I'm blessed beyond all measure to be tackling every single daily excited or mundane adventure with you in this home we've created.