5 Running Product Must Haves

We're officially 26 days out from our half marathon relay in March! I've spent the better part of the last month and half building up the endurance to finish my 6.55 miles of the race. With being over halfway there, I'm definitely feeling like I can accomplish this goal. 

My 5 running product must haves that include Garmin fitness watch, Strava, sunglasses, getting your shoes fitted and more! // www.ElleTalk.com

I get a lot of questions about what products I use, specific questions about items you see on  IG stories, and how I keep motivated. What helps me keep training and running is having goals and reliable running equipment. I think we all know that feeling when we get new athletic clothes and they spark back that desire to hit the gym again. Well these are the products that definitely add that pizazz in my running and keep me pushing forward to my goals.

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My 5 Running Product Must Haves

My 5 running product must haves that include Garmin fitness watch, Strava, sunglasses, getting your shoes fitted and more! // www.ElleTalk.com

1 - Fitted Running Shoes - If you're thinking, DUH, Elle, shoes. DUH! Let me explain. Up until I met my husband, I thought the only factor in what running shoes you bought was the color. Shameful, I know. So when January came around and I started getting a lot of knee and ankle pain in my runs, I knew it was time to finally get fit for shoes. The store we like to get fit at is a Texas owned Running Store called On The Run. Besides measuring your feet, they look at the way you walk to determine a few factors about you. Then through a process of elimination you find the exact shoe for you. At the end of my process I walked away with a pair of Saucony Ride 9s and I haven't had running pains since. 100% must!

2 - Sport Sunglasses - Being out in the sun running is hard on not only your skin but your eyes too. It's good to get a pair of sunglasses you like to run in that are light weight and if possible polarized. I go between these Oakley Frogskins that are light weight & these Nike Vital Polarized .

3 - Running Belt - I am not someone who can wear an arm strap for their phone. They chaff, they move around too much, and I hate not seeing the screen. I'm a running belt type of gal and the SPIbelt has been mine & my husband's favorite one to date. We also like that a key and some cash can be carried in this too.

4 - GPS Running Tracker/Watch - While you don't need a running watch, it's really freaking nice to have one. There are tons out there but this is how my story went. When I started out running I started with a FitBit and quickly grew out of it! The main thing I disliked is the lack of GPS, unless you carried your phone with you. I'm not on an unlimited plan so that type of data charge, no thanks. I moved on to the Garmin Forerunner 620 which became a life safer for GPS tracking my runs & biking. It does the GPS through the watch. It really helped me work through my triathlon (aside from swimming) training but unlike FitBit, there wasn't much of a need to wear it away from working out. Thus I finally moved on to the Garmin Forerunner 735XT and we've been in love since. It sends my information straight to Strava, it has heart rate, tracks VO2 Max, GPS, tracks swim, and it tracks the rest of your day with steps & sleep. I'll get more into the triathlon side of the watch (multisport mode is seriously my dream come true) when that season comes but if you're already running and looking to start triathlons, this is a MUST. If you're already running and wanting to up your tracking game, THIS IS A MUST. I can't express how much I love this watch.

5 - Foam Roller - Now we have a few versions of these laying around the house for after runs. So what's a foam roller about? Well there are some debates over lactic acid, lactate, and the whole concept of rolling the acids out of your muscles and into your body cavity to help with being sore. I'm not a physical therapist so I don't know the true answer but I do know that 1. it feels hella' good. 2. While it may not keep my muscles from being sore it helps me in their flexibility and locking up on my follow up run (and especially in triathlon season). So to me it's worth it to have one laying around. Here are the three we have:Nike Recovery Foam Roller, Tiger Tail Foam Stick, and Polar Roller* This last one is not a foam roller but a metal ball you freeze. When I start getting any swelling around my knees, this thing is amazing!

BONUS: The STRAVA App. I'm on this app daily & bonus it's free! STRAVA is an app that lets you connect your running, biking, swimming, heart rate, and pace data from your fitness tracker to share with your friends. It's nice because you can share your data with your friends no matter what tracker brand they all use. Plus you join challenges and find races in your area! You can cheer on your friends, leave comments, and even take photos from your workout to share. My favorite is when you use a commonly used trail, you can snag that fastest distance spot in your age group or overall for some bragging rights!

So these are my favorite must have running products! While I could name about 1000 plus more items like good socks and a well wicked sports bra. These are the ones I use on a daily basis that I get a lot of questions about. If you have any questions about the products I use or want to suggest some of your favorite running gear down below in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

So I'll leave you with that question, what is your favorite running/work out product you have?