You Can Call Me Queen E.

Happy New Year!!

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I go over my word of the year for 2017. //

As I've sat and talked to all my favorite creatives over the last few days I've been asked "What is your word for 2017?" a lot! I really wasn't under the impression we needed to be picking out a word to guide us through the New Year. I mean, last year I was just trying to get my blog up before the high of the New Year wore off. Clearly, I was out of the loop. Surprise.

As I sat and thought about what my word would be, it really made me reflect on the things I liked and disliked about 2016. I learned a lot last year. I learned a lot about this business and about myself. It was a year with a lot of challenges that posed a lot of growth. I think growth is important and to do so we need to make mistakes, educate ourselves, and experiment. That's exactly what I did in 2016. 

So when it comes to a word in 2017? I listened to my peers and their answers. It was things like Cultivate, Bold, Forge, Intentional, and even Slay. Bold and beautiful words that each carry different meanings to each person. As I sat and listened, I realized while those words were there's, I wanted to embody all of those things. So I thought broader.

Now, the word I ended up choosing, I 100% blame on Netflix & my obsession with The Crown. So what's the word?


Have you totally gone, "Way. To. Be. Egotistic. Like, chill Beyonce." on me?

Let me explain. In this year, like a young Queen Elizabeth, I want to make my choices with my business 100% in mind. I want to only allow myself to agree to the decisions that best help my business and my readers grow forward. That's easier said than done when you're someone who always says "Yes" to everything. "Yes I'll be at that event. Yes I'll work with that sponsor. Yes I'll help run your business." What can I say? I really like helping and working with people. This year I want to say, "No" more, though. It's easy to say "Yes" and make things work. It's hard to say "No" when something isn't a perfect fit.

Also taking in mind that this means also saying, "Yes" to the things that may scare me to say "Yes" to. It means making big decisions and not standing idle. Which can be equally as hard.

Another part to this word I see a lot of growth to be had in, is being a leader. I am a leader, I've always held some type of lead and pull to lead others my entire life. This year I want to act on it more. I want to help shape a community of like minded bloggers & readers in my area. Growing a community of people who love to eat, drink, and be merry. Even if you aren't a creative yourself.

Another addition to being a leader is standing up for what you believe in and sticking with your gut. There were a few times this year where I failed at that and that failure is 100% being left in 2016. While standing on the sideline can sometimes be more noble, it's not in me to do that.

Lastly it means handling the every day with grace, and diplomacy. This one is really just carrying something from 2016 on with me. Just like last year, I want to keep learning and conducting business in the ways that make sense to me. With hospitality and well meaning. Plus an occasional Queen B hair flip or two.

So that's how I came to the word Queen. I guess it's a concept more than anything. It's a lifestyle and way to handle business. It's really about trusting your gut. I sometimes get embarrassed saying that's "my word" because it sounds narcisstic but maybe that's what I need to be a little more of. A little bit more trusting in what I believe & choose to do. I guess you can just call me Queen E. (i kid, i kid)

So what is your word for 2017? Do you morph it's meaning as the year goes on? I'd love to know down below!

Until next time, cheers!