Workout Classes That Boost Your Triathlon Training

Workout classes to take to boost your triathlon training. Each of these classes pairs differently to match endurance, strength, mentality, or flexibility. //

As of yesterday, I am officially 8 weeks away from my first Triathlon! I can't believe I've already spent 9 weeks prepping for it, and I'm now in the major stretch. Some issues I've run into with my training are the 100-degree summer temperatures and thunderstorms. Which has cut into my weekly routine. To battle keeping on schedule with my training, I've started adding in workout classes. While it's something that started due to our weather conditions, they've now become part of my foundation. Using workout classes has let me see the areas that I didn't know needed help and has boosted the confidence I have going into my race. I've had a lot of people ask me questions on if they need to be adding gym workouts and classes into their routine. I say, 100% yes! Training for a triathlon is hard on all aspects of the body, so getting out to somewhere different with like minded people is a necessity. One no one told me about. To avoid the same mistake I made, let me give you 4 workout classes that will boost your triathlon training.


A triathlete needs to build a variety of muscle strength in their arms, shoulders, back, glutes, calves, and core. I mean, really, is there a muscle that is not being used? That's why full body workouts like CrossFit or Sculpting classes can help step up building the strength that will carry you to the finish line. Adding on strength into your tri-training has shown to help lower the risk of injury to the body. Just remember to find a class that is right for a triathlete, that works the muscle groups you need. Some weight training classes can be competitive and the use of Olympic weights can backfire with injuries if you do not approach it right. Talk with different coaches and find a gym that is right for your goals. You're not looking for a competitive training group, you're looking for supportive one.  



HIIT based workouts are clutch in your tri-routine. Getting that high-intensity workout that builds power, strength, and endurance will carry you to your peak performance. My personal favorite HIIT class is from Orangetheory Fitness because they use Polar Heart Rate Monitors in their 60-minute workouts to help you get the most out of your session. The goal is spend 12-20 minutes in at your maximum heart rate to create a workout known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. Which helps increase muscles and your metabolism. Personally, for me I live in the uncomfortable, pushing myself too much maximum heart rate zone. Opps. It's been great for me to learn to level my heart rate out so I don't burn out before the finish line. Which so many triathlon athletes struggle with. I've seen this help spread out my endurance and keep my laps more consistent in their time. In these workouts you are using a vigorous mix of strength floor exercises (free weights, TRX bands), cardio running, and rowing (great for building swimming muscles) for a full body workout that boosts the oxygen in your muscles. Which helps you build muscle while building stamina. My upbeat trainers over at the Houston, West University location have wonderful advice on tri training and are always looking to help me push to my next goal. I can't express enough how much they've boosted my training! If you want to try Orangetheory Fitness near you click here.


You need to be stretching, you need to be stretching, and one more time for good measure, you need to be stretching. The number one way to avoid injuries is to prep your body with stretching before and after your workouts. Adding in a good stretching class or basic yoga class to your routine can help those achy muscles and keep them limber. Not to mention it helps build focus and proper breathing that is the bread and butter of a triathlete. Whether it's a free class in the park or one you take every morning, yoga will help prep your body for the constant impact you are putting on it.


Every person who has ever partaken in a triathlon will tell you that as much as your work physically towards your race, you need to also work mentally. I hear a lot of people tell me they have fears of the group swim, and being in close proximity to other bikers. The best way to mentally prep yourself is to put yourself in similar situations to your race. Your gym or workout trainer can direct you to these groups who meet to run, bike, and swim together. These workout groups can help you get accustomed to the situations you don't usually find yourself in your daily training. Plus you can swap tips and tricks with your new friends to help each other reach their triathlon goals. Plus who knows, you might even find a buddy to complete your race with. 

While training hard in your running, biking, and swimming are important, it's good to mix up the routine with workout classes that help boost aspects to your training. Elsewise you'll hit that burn out of the same weekly routines, well before race day. 

Let me know down below what classes you think would help your triathlon training! I'm all about the OrangeTheory HIIT and yoga to stretch those training pains out. 

Full disclosure. OrangeTheory did invite me out to try one of their workout classes. I however, was not asked to write a post on it, mention them in this post, or was paid for a post. I found it extremely helpful for my training and thus wanted to share it with you. - Elle