Thrive Your Tribe

A look at how your tribe grows with Thrive Blog Conference! //

This week the much anticipated Thrive Blog Conference was held! I've mentioned multiple times on this blog about the impact it's made on me as a blogger, and let me tell you, it did it again. Except on a bigger and grander scale. The awesome part of going to a blog conference when it first launches is that you get to really see how much it grows over it's time. The hard work Bree & Whitney put into making Thrive even larger than before was seen throughout the entire conference. Needless to say it was empowering.

Big thanks to Meg Hawley for the photos she took (shown here) for everyone at Thrive Blog Conference.

Francesca's setup at Thrive Blog Conference. Photographed by ///
Flower Crown From Francesca's.  Photographed by ///
Elle Talk at Thrive Blog Conference.  Photographed by ///

With delectable cookies from Sweet Marie's to the beautiful flowers from Whole Foods, all the way to the stellar decor from Vintage Indulgence there was not a detail unturned or a flower crown from Francesca's & Bramble & Bee not worn. 

We heard from a variety of speakers who encouraged us and brought such positivity to our group. Nicole from Writes Like A Girl was our gracious host for the day, and girl is full of spunk & cuteness. I need her to wake me up in the mornings! Alice from Lone Star Looking Glass held a fashion show with Francesca's the first night, and her style has me full on ready for spring and summer. Off the shoulder tops all summer, please! Then there were the many speaker sessions that taught us about growing not only our tribe but ourselves. We learned how to find balance in blogging and life from Alissa Circle, to SEO from Mallory Whitfield, and even how Pretty Providence gals Jessica & Sarah work with sponsors. Talk about information overload, you can see who all spoke here.

Flowers from Whole Foods at Thrive Blog Conference.  Photographed by ///
Sweet Marie's cookies at Thrive Blog Conference.  Photographed by ///
Sugar and Cloth speaking at Thrive Blog Conference.  Photographed by ///

Lastly, and really most important to me is the new friendships I made. Not to mention the friendships I already had that grew even stronger. It's so funny looking back at last year when I came in with not a single "real life" friend in the blogging community. Now I have a powerhouse of awesome women in my life, and I get to keep adding to that tribe. I loved finally getting to meet Jillian from Cup of Charisma, and ya'll she is a doll. She sat next to me on conference day, and she was the sweetest ray of sunshine! Then Kathleen from Places I Will Go had me giggling the whole time. She's so funny and has the best stories. These types of friendships are the ones that make every single minute of this blogging adventure worthwhile. 

Girls having fun at Thrive Blog Conference.  Photographed by ///
Friday dance party at Thrive Blog Conference. Photographed by ///
Elle Heath from Elle Talk at Thrive Blog Conference. Photographed by ///

If you're a fellow creative, a fellow blogger, or maybe you want to finally start, go to a conference. You need people in your life who understand this crazy little thing called blogging (or creating). Find a tribe and share the experience with them. Thank you Thrive for being that conference for me. Thank you to my wonderful tribe for being the grace I need in this blogging world. Now let's go Thrive.