My Number 1 Instagram Tip

The number one Instagram tip to make using it quicker and faster.

Let me set the scene. I've just laid out this stellar flat lay for an Instagram photo I wanted to shoot. (I know, killing the movie magic but let's get real) The lighting was perfect, the color palette was spot on, and in one click, a killer Instagram photo. 


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I love this picture! Thanks to lots of tips and tricks on the wonderful platform Pinterest, I've been able to be very proficient in getting my Instagrams set up, and snapped in under 10 minutes. This is a process I love doing, and I know people have their thoughts on it, but if I could take Instagram snaps for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy girl. 

However there is a process to this that I hate. Filling out the caption! Mainly the hashtag portion of it because it hasn't been the quickest. Thanks to VenusTrappedInMars for putting together a roundup of hashtags to use, there are a ton I love being a part of. However that can take awhile to type out! To combat that I put together an Evernote so I could easily copy & paste them into my Instagrams. That just wasn't cutting it though. Are you ready, because you're about to make it to where it will take 3 seconds to get all your tags added!


The quickest way to fill out hashtags for instagram and make your hashtags invisible.
How to add instagram hashtags quickly using keyboard shortcuts.
  1. Write out your tags in a note taking app & add to your copy. Hold down > Select All > Copy.
  2. Going to your phone's Settings. Click General >  then Keyboards.
  3. In Keyboards click Text Replacement.
  4. When opened click the blue + in the upper right corner.
  5. This is where you'll make your shortcut. For Phrase hold down and press paste. This will paste the tags we copied in our note app. For Shortcut this is how we'll bring those tags up. Make it something you don't use often or it can be in comparison with your tags. I went for #blog. 
  6. Click Save. Now let's head over to Instagram to try it out!
How to add instagram hashtags quickly using keyboard shortcuts.
How to add instagram hashtags quickly using keyboard shortcuts.


How to use keyboard shortcuts for Instagram!
How to use keyboard shortcuts for Instagram!


  1. Instagram > Upload Photo > Fill Out Caption> Share. If you want to use your tags in your caption skip to 3rd step. 
  2. Open your new Instagram post and click the chat bubble to add a new comment.
  3. Type out your shortcut. Mine is #blog. Your autocorrect bar will automatically bring up all the hashtags, you'll only see the very last one. Click it.
  4. All your hashtags have been added to your comment section. Press Send.
  5. Done. Hashtags added.
How to use keyboard shortcuts for Instagram!
How to use keyboard shortcuts for Instagram!

Now your phone has your tags saved for forever. If you ever want to change them delete your shortcut, and remake it with this process. This takes seconds to do, and makes it way easier to get your content out so you can get to see what your friends are up to! I have to give credit to my husband here. The idea came from yelling at him about texting and driving. I told him to make a shortcut that he can easily send out to let people know he was unavailable at the moment. Then it all clicked! I feel like such a tech savvy chick right now! Insert sunglass emoji face. Ohhhh yeah. 

What is your best Instagram tip? How about for any social media platform? I love finding quick ways to get my content out there!