The 6 Best Craft Cocktail Mixers

You might be surprised to know that I don't always have the itch to pull out my muddler to make a cocktail. Shocking, I know, I know. What might surprise you more is that I am a rather large fan of using pre-made craft cocktail mixers. 

Looking for easy and quick cocktails to make? I'm sharing my favorite craft cocktail mixersto make two-ingredient cocktails that are effortless. //

Yes, I can feel your laser eyes glaring at me for all the times I made you blood, sweat, and tears over a cocktail here on Elle Talk. But did they taste good?

Mixers to me are not only great for when you just want something fast and easy. They are also great to change up your classic cocktail game. Sweet Tea syrup in a classic Mint Julep? Life changing. Also, I'm not talking about the mixers that come in those giant plastic bottles at the liquor store that is pure sugar. There is a whole world of mixers out there that make flavorful and bold cocktails! That's why I'm sharing 6 of the best craft cocktail mixers, that I love!

Wilks & Wilson - Millicent's Lime Mint Syrup - One of my favorite flavor combinations is lime and mint. This syrup is a bright and fresh mixture that goes perfectly in Mojitos, Juleps, and Cucumber Martinis. The combinations can really be endless with this because it meshes well with just about any alcohol base. Even you champagne lovers could enjoy some of this in your bubbly.

Owl's Brew - Coco-Lada - I'm finding Owl's Brew just about everywhere I look now, and I'm grateful for it. These tea cocktail mixers are a unique mix up to the mixer game. While I haven't had an Owl's Brew I didn't like, Coco-Lada is my favorite of them all. I've mixed it with whiskey, rum, and even stout beer. (Stout beer being the surprise favorite) It pairs well with just about anything with it's sweet and spicy tiki mixture.

Proof Old Fashion Cocktail Syrup - Maple Bacon - This will easily become your new Bloody Mary. A little smoky, sweet, and delicious richness is what this drink is about. Keep it simple with good whiskey because the syrup is complex on its own. If this isn't your next brunch drink, I don't know what else could be.

Bittermilk - No 3 Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour - The first sips take you straight to wanting a cold winter day by an outdoor fire in the middle of the woods. Okay, maybe that's just me but this is an amped up classic done right. Smoked honey meets lemon and orange to make this elixir like no other. Made best with whiskey or tequila.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. - Sweet Tea Syrup - Listen my Southern heart really loves these bold flavors mixed with whiskey. I can't help it, but when it comes to Sweet Tea Syrup there is no booze that can hide from it. My personal favorite is mixing it with Peach Vodka and garnished with a squeeze of fresh lemon. This syrup has such versatility to it that the options in which to use it are endless. I always have a bottle of this one hand.

Liber & Co. - Fiery Ginger Syrup - The best Moscow Mule I've ever had was made with vodka, limes, club soda, and Fiery Gingery Syrup from Liber & Co. It's deliciously spicy in a way that warms your belly. If you're looking for a mixer to carry you through winter, this is the one you need to have.

As the years go on the craft cocktail mixer industry is getting more and more shelf-space. I often find I have the best luck at large liquor stores or stores like Fresh Market (Whole Foods & Trader Joes). Plus you can never go wrong with a little online shopping! So let me down below, what cocktail mixer sounds like something you would love to use? Would you like to see how I incorporate them into cocktails?