Starbucks Evenings

A review of Starbucks Evening. Yes you can get wine and beer at Starbucks! //

Do you have one day out of the week or month where you have it specifically marked to go on date night? We're trying to get into a habit of doing that, but lately things have been so busy, that we've forgotten. That's why after looking at what feels like our 1000th house we just needed to kick back and rewind. On our way home we stopped in at a Starbucks for a little coffee date, and much to our surprise we drank ZERO coffee.

I suppose a few years ago Starbucks unrolled the new concept of Starbucks Evenings. After 4PM certain stores let you opt in to get wine and beer alongside small bites. I think it's suppose to rival with the idea that some grocery stores offer beer off tap & wine as good alternative to date night. For us it was a pleasant surprise since we don't frequent that location. 

Wine at a Starbucks?! Tell me more! We showed up around 7PM, and the hardest concept of all of this was getting over the need to get in and out. Typically I'm getting my coffee to go, and I'm out the door onto my next destination. We went for wine over the craft beer selection, which is bottled not tapped. I had a Prosecco and B picked the red blend, wines we'd had before and a little cheaper elsewhere. We went for the truffle popcorn but unfortunately they couldn't find it. Which made my next choice the bacon wrapped dates, which they had a hard time finding as well. It was obvious this concept isn't taking off at this store.

After getting our wine, which came topped with roasted pumpkin seeds for snacking, we found comfy leather chairs and decided to talk about the homes we'd seen. Not long after sitting we received our Bacon Wrapped Dates, which ended up being my favorite part of the evening. They were salty, sweet, but seriously flavorful, I was surprised! After that it was really on us to embrace our surroundings. B liked getting to be around coffee but getting to drink wine instead. I really enjoyed sitting back in a broken in chair and trying something new.

That's about as far as it went, though. The experience was not bad, but not great either, just neutral. I think for us our Starbucks just doesn't have a big focus on the Evenings concept. With options like a nearby wine bar, and a tapped craft beer house down the road, I can see why that would be the case. However if I wanted to study but enjoy a glass of wine to do so, this concept would hit it out of the park. Will we be back? Maybe if I want coffee and B wants wine. I'd also be willing to scope out a different location for a better experience, plus the bacon wrapped dates will be calling me back. Overall the idea and concept is there, and can work, it's just not there yet. I would recommend it if your store sees a lot of traffic for their Evenings. That's where this all really fell apart, is that this felt like a dying concept at this particular store.

Where is your favorite place to have date night? Would you try Starbucks Evenings? Let me know down below!

Elle Heath