Spritz The Greyhound


Good morning, gorgeous! I spent this weekend at the beach and it really had me missing those warm Texas summers. So let's talk cocktails to fix this serious dilemma! There is maybe nothing more refreshing than a Texas grapefruit, it's like watermelon to me. Which made a greyhound come to mind, and I'm not talking about the dog!

If you're unfamiliar with a greyhound, you might be with a salty dog. Which is just a greyhound, grapefruit juice with gin/vodka plus a salted rim. I like my greyhounds the pre-1940s way, with gin. 

Time to get schooled: After WWII gin's popularity declined dramatically and vodka's skyrocketed. Meaning all these infamous vodka drinks we think are classics, really started out as gin cocktails. Even the greyhound is often served with vodka now. Crazy right?

Since, I'm a girl who loves the bubbly and this cocktail begs for an added edge. A little added prosecco to the mix adds the perfect spritz to it! Thus we have Spritz The Greyhound, which would make a fitting name for a greyhound. It's the total perfection for summer or those days when you are missing the sun's warmth. Cough, stop raining Houston, cough.


This is the easiest cocktail you'll ever make. You stir your grapefruit juice and gin, strain, then top with prosecco. You can even cut the prosecco for sparkling water like Topo Chico for less calories. Literally the hardest part is popping your prosecco open.

Pair with your favorite beach, a bubble bath for ultimate bubbly, or to finish off the Monday hustle. I'll be sipping on one of these while I live tweet The Bachelor tonight. If you want to join in on the fun, mix yourself up a Spritz The Greyhound & join me over on twitter with #ETphonesBen. Grab the recipe card below for full instructions which comes with a downloadable option. I hope you enjoy!

How do you get through the days when you, oh so miss summer?