Sprint Triathlon Training : Month One

A recap of my first month in triathlon training for my first sprint triathlon in September. Personal piece. // www.ElleTalk.com

That's right it's been a whole month since I announced I would be training for a sprint triathlon. That leaves me about three and a half months to deepen my shorts tan line. Oh and prep for my race and as you will find out I need every single one of those days. Someone hand me a beer.

Right now with a month of training in it would take me about an hour and 45 minutes to finish my race, which let's be honest is kind of slow. "Kind of, psh, that's hella' slow." I know at the start of this I said the goal was to just to finish but surprise, Elle has a competitive side. I'd really like to get that time down to an hour and fifteen minutes with a dream time of one hour. Currently, I have nightmares of volunteers begging me to give up so they can go home because the race ended an hour ago.

At the start of training, my times for each event held better than we excepted. Okay, what Brad excepted, I was clearly disappointed. We all know that turtles can out run me so no surprise there. As for biking and swimming, things look a little bit more promising. Well, that was until the summer humidity kicked in and now every training session is brought to you by, Hot Yoga.

Why I thought to sign up for a triathlon that would involve summer sauna training is beyond me. Sober decisions do not do well with me, people. I digress, there have been some pretty stellar accomplishments to be mentioned.

I've done well with brick workouts. I try after every bike ride to run right after to set myself up for the brick. It's called a brick because all of your biking muscles tense up the second you take off on foot. Thus, you feel like you're running with bricks on your legs and it's as horrible as it sounds. However, I'm finding out that less than .1 mile in, my legs are back to being the run loathing appendages that they are. 

Surprise, I apparently have natural swimming form and starting out I can finish the swim in 8 minutes. Which is where Brad thought I would build up to for the race. Glad you had such great faith in me, B.

As for biking, I'm holding a decent 4 miles at 22 minutes. With that said, once on a road bike, we're excepting to see a large step up. The bike I currently have won't change gears, so a lot of energy loss is happening where it shouldn't. Running, well we're just not even going to talk about my running because that's a shit show.

As the summer is starting to kick in and we've not even begun to feel the sweet kiss of Satan's temperatures. I'm not exactly sure how training is going to fair. While those times are a good place to start I see them slowly decreasing with every sun blistering day. So let's talk goals for month two.

Month Two Triathlon Goals:

The biggest one is to find the best time of day to train for the run and bike. While the later evening is the easy option, I believe I'm going to have to pick the harder, sunrise time for the lowest of humidity. Insert some snarky quote about beauty sleep and not my terrible sleeping habits.

Keep stretching out my knee before and after workouts. Apparently I have knee pain and am slowling starting to show my true age of 87.

Get my running up to par with biking and swimming. While the lovely folks who follow me on Strava might think I'm having a grand time with running thanks to my statuses, the reality is I hate every minute of it. Mentally and physically this is my weak spot. I need to do better. I have to do better.

Biking and swimming I'm going to keep with but not put a ton of focus on currently. The goal for them is to build the endurance and muscle I need.

Speaking of endurance, while all these times are what they are, they will be nothing compared to doing all these events back to back. Twice this month I have a goal to set up mini triathlons where I can get a feel for the back to back set up. It's really to test my endurance and where I drive the most energy. Then taking that energy and redirecting it across all the fields. Do you miss my cocktail posts yet?

Overall, this is hard. In no way did I believe this would be easy. The easiest part has been acquiring a Garmin watch tan line. Let me tell you, sunglass tan, OUT, activity tracker tan, IN. The true hard part though is the mentality of being in the sun, knowing your time will be worse than the previous, and having to accept it but keep going. Talk about inner struggles. 

So what are you currently working towards that's making you struggle? Let me know down below. If you've got it, give me your best running advice because right now if someone said putting mayonnaise in my shoes would make me a better runner. I'd try it.