Shows To Watch This Spring (2016)

A list of shows to watch for spring 2016 now that The Bachelor is over. Shows like Outlander, Empire, Heartbreak, and more from cable, Netflix, and Hulu. Filled with dramas, comedy, and sci-fi shows. //

Ben has chosen Lauren, JoJo is the new Bachelorette, and all is right in the television world. The 20th season and possibly the most loved Bachelor is finally behind us. While Ben is a total catch, I think the star of this show was JoJo. A little complicated, a whole lot of relatable, and always stylish, I'll be excited to see where she takes her season. While Kaitlyn and Ben both narrowed out the field early on on who their heart was set for. (Ben seems like the type that tells his boys that he loves them on the reg, so I'm not sold that he actually loved JoJo.) I think Jo will have a little bit of a harder time picking one straight out the gate, and will need the majority of the season to do so. However that's a rose we don't need to pick until May!

How will we pass the time until then? Well I've come up with a list of TV Shows to record to fill in the space until it's time to raid our wine cabinets and set up our Bachelorette brackets. These spring shows start over the course of the next month. I'm personally looking forward to Game Of Thrones & Kimmy Schmidt returning, but also new shows like Heartbeat that are just starting. I also tried to pick shows that are returning with only a couple of seasons on their belt, so they are easy to binge watch prior to their season release. 



3/20 - Empire - The second season of Empire is back, and if you've not caught up on this Emmy Nominated show you are missing out. This musical drama about the rise of a hip-hop entertainment business is surrounded by drama and chaos as the unhinged family behind it fights for control. 
Drama / FOX / 9PM EDT

3/21 - Dancing With The Stars - An easy to pick up, live tweet, and enjoy dance competition show that will have you swaying in your seat. With Mischa Barton who revived herself from her OC grave to your favorite Fuller House Aunt, Jodie Sweetin this season should be a shimmy of fun.
Reality / ABC / 8PM EDT

3/23 - Heartbeat - Inspired by real life heart transplant surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliato, this show depicts the balancing act of Magilato's female under dominated career and her lively personal life. A new aged Grey's Anatomy, or will it set it's own tone? Melissa George plays the lead, and I really enjoyed her from "The Slap", so I'm intrigued. 
Drama / NBC / 8 PM EDT


4/7 - Game of Silence - Previously a turkish series, when friends gather again after 25 years because of a secret they thought they had moved on from they find that you can't always run from the truth or revenge. First off this is from the producers of Friday Night Lights and CSI, and it has Michael Raymond-James from True Blood & Once Upon a Time, sold.
Thriller / NBC / 10 PM EDT

4/9 - Outlander - Looking for a book turned Television series? The very awaited 2nd season of Outlander will arrive and if you don't know Claire is a WW2 nurse who gets transported back to 1743 where she is faced with the pareils of that era. I've not read the books, I've not watched the show, and I can hear your groans from here. I'll start it, I promise.
Drama Sci-Fi / STARZ / 9 PM EDT 

4/11 - The Detour - About a family road trip that goes wrong at every turn, I imagine Detour will be like a weekly reminder of National Lampoon's family. Fun, hilarious, but can it last more than a season? I hope, we could all use a new family comedy.
Comedy / TBS / 10 PM EDT

4/12 - The Mindy Project - Thank Hulu for not letting this treasure walk away. Coming in for it's 4th season, however very easy to binge, Mindy is a sassed out doctor by day and by night she's trying to become a more well rounded person. This show is hilarious, inspiring, and relatable. 
Comedy / HULU  

4/15 - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Kimmy is back with her pinot noir Titus and knowing Tina Fey it will be a #hashbrownawesome  2nd season. Unfamiliar? Kimmy has recently moved to New York after living 15 years in an underground cult. This upbeat woman has to learn the new ways of the world one new friend and technology at a time. 
Comedy / Netflix 

4/24 - Game of Thrones - Coming into it's 6th season, but don't worry you have time to catch up. The stories that unveil in this Sci-Fi world of Westeros is finally taking a serious step away from the books. I'm excited to see where our beloved but never safe character from GOT end up. It would take me the whole day to outline the plot of Game of Thrones so just visit the link attached. It has dragons, wargs, direwolves, and a world full of intertwining plot lines.
Drama Action / HBO / 9 PM EDT

Watch the previews to all of these shows here in order.

What shows will you be watching this Spring? Have some of your favorite already started?