Carving Pumpkins Year 9

Over the weekend we had our All The Fall Things weekend. It's an annual tradition we do every year where we try to fit as many fall things into one weekend as possible. Our October tends to fill up pretty quickly so if we don't set the time aside, Halloween will come and go before we know it. Which we just can't have because it's my favorite holiday.

I share a fun look into our 9th year of pumpkin carving! //

Over the All The Fall Things weekend, the weather was at an all time beautiful fall high but so was the weed pollen. Which had me at an all time low. So even though our All The Fall weekends would typically be filled with hayrides, festivals, and fall beer tastings this year, it was a little bit more low key.

One thing I could not let go by without doing is carving pumpkins. This is our 9th year carving pumpkins together, and we've carved a total of 22 pumpkins in that time. So we headed out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our soon to be masterpieces. I always feel like Goldy Locks trying to pick our my pumpkin. This pumpkin is too big, this pumpkin is too small, but this one, this on is just right! 


Qualifications for the perfect pumpkin you might ask? Round not oval, curly steam, no more than 10lbs, no less than 5lbs, and a flat spot half the size of my hand.

I'm sure someone will get on to me for pumpkin shaming and having unrealistic gourd standards. 


When we cracked open my pumpkin it had started growing probably 15 of its own pumpkins on the inside. So we potted them and are trying to keep them growing. I'd love to make a return on my pumpkin. 


We're not professional pumpkin carvers and don't claim to be, but we have fun being the most basic carvers you know and love. In the past, we've done Kanye West, Jack Skellington, and black cats. This year Brad wanted to re-visit good ole' Jack since I was the original carver of him in the past. I decided I wanted something goofy and went with this loopy faced pumpkin. Add some cat ears and he reminds me of the Cheshire cat. 

carved pumpkins

My favorite part of pumpkin carving is when it finally turns to night and we can light them up. The pumpkins did not disappoint! 

For the rest of our All The Fall Things weekend, we lazed around while I sniffed my way through my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. There was also apple cider to be drunk and delicious French Onion Soup to be eaten. 

Even through being sick, I loved getting to have a relaxing weekend with Brad. Life gets super crazy once the holidays start and sometimes we forget to just take moment for ourselves. I love these sweet moments we create and the silly traditions we so dearly love. Now to start working on making Christmas traditions, because we're sort of lacking in those! 

What is your favorite fall activity you must do every fall? I'd love to know down below.