How we cold turkied our dog on walks on accident when we moved into a new home. //

Sometimes I think I'm an awesome dog parent and then other times like this week I realize maybe I should step off my high horse. We may have accidentally made our dog go cold turkey. Off of what you might ask? Well, let's take a look.

We recently moved out of our apartment and into a home. Matter of fact while looking for a home the one we picked was because of it's huge yard for Georgia to romp around in. We were so excited for her to no longer have to be leashed to go outside, and she now had a little freedom. That was until we moved in, and she became depressed. Yes, our dog went through depression. I've talked about how emotional my dog is so does this really surprise anyone at this point?

She slept all day, completely ignored us, stopped eating, and even started being a serious diva. For example taking stuff off the book shelfs just to say, "Suck it, Mom." We tried everything like playing with her in her new yard, and new toys. Not a thing was cutting it. To us we couldn't figure out how our dog loved living in a smaller space so much? That was until I was sitting right here, typing out a blog post on cowboy boots, when it hit. We made our dog cold turkey, walks. Yup, our overly attached dog, was depressed because she thought we didn't want to be there when she peed. This is not how I envisioned 27.

Well oppps, our bad. With the hype of having a new yard, it just never crossed our minds that to her, going out to potty with us was a bonding experiences. That's not exactly how I view her invasion of privacy when she shoves her paws under the bathroom door. Now that we've added in not one, but two walks into her day, things have been looking up. I think if she could have it her way, we'd still leash her for every potty break but sorry kid, that's just not happening. At least she started sleeping in the same room as us again. Go figure.

Have you moved a dog, how did it go? Is my dog just a diva? The answer is probably yes.