How To Pack For A Blog Conference

Thrive Blog Conference is this week, and I can't believe it! I've been waiting for it to arrive since the day I left the conference last year. I mentioned earlier this year on the effect and impact Thrive has had on myself, and my blogging experience. There truly is nothing like getting around a bunch of bloggers who understand and celebrate the world we create waves in. If you've not attended a conference, I promise it will be worth the money. Do it!

To help you focus more on the excitement and fun of a blog conference, I'm taking the stress away of figuring out what to pack. I love being prepared but I was definitely over prepared last year, and could have done without some of the things I read online about. I'm sharing what exactly I used, how important it was to have it in my bag for the conference. So let's get to packing.

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What to pack for a blog conference that includes power strips, water bottles, and your DSLR! //


  1. Laptop or Notebook or iPad - You do not need all of them, trust me you will use only one. Last year I took my laptop and took extremely detailed notes on Google Docs & then tweeted out my notes to share with other attendees if they missed anything. This was a great way to share & get my name around to other people. Plus I was taking in such much new information, I knew I needed my laptop because I could type faster than I could write. 

    This year I'll be taking just a Notebook and pen to jot down notes in areas I know I need work in. Since I'm out of the newbie stage my focus this year is to smooth out the things I have trouble with. So my note taking will not be as extensive. Whatever you do for note taking, remember to bring your charger or more pens to write with.
  2. DSLR Camera - Now if you don't have one, that's okay. Bring what you typically shoot with. As much as I love my Fujifilm x10 (DSLR quality w/o the bulk) I need my DSLR because this is when I'm going to get the most help with it. Having it on hand will make the learning process much easier because it can be hands on.
  3. Backup Battery - Backup batteries are so cheap now it's ridiculous. I seriously needed this last year because of the amount of photos I was taking with my phone for Instagram. Having a back up battery saved me from having to stand by an outlet to let it charge. 
  4. Power Strip - Speaking of an outlet. Not all conferences provide powerstrips to your table. Having a compact power strip will not only keep your devices charged but it will probably make you a few friends along the way. No one wants to fight over the last outlet!
  5. Marketing Tools - i.e. Media Kits, business cards, or something to be remembered by. I highly recommend business cards, MegOontheGo shows you what exactly you need on your business cards. If there are brands you'll be looking to work with at the conference, bring a media kit to give out to them. Also be creative, you don't have to stick with just paper to be remembered. I've seen people offer out koozies with their brand and website on it. Sometimes these things set you apart from the pile of business cards you get. I'll be sharing my DIY for what my marketing tool will be for this conference. Hint: It's not a business card.
  6. Makeup Bag - Listen, you're at a conference two things are happening. You're sitting for long periods of time, and you're getting your picture taken. 6 hours into the conference it might be nice to have a small bag of makeup for touch ups. Plus I'm a chapstick-o-holic so this guarantees I'll have some on me.
  7. Reusable Water Bottle - The worst feeling is to need a drink of water but be in the middle of a speaker session. Do you get up and miss important information or do you just wait and let your mouth go dry? This is why I find having a reusable water bottle on hand a life safer. Plus if you're like me, you'd rather be parched than stand up in front of a room of people to leave for water. Ha.
  8. Lanyard - Okay, this isn't necessary. However I got so many compliments on using my Vera Bradley lanyard last year over the one they give us for our name tags. Plus it was a great way for people to find a conversation starter. I'll always bring my own lanyard from now on!
  9. Jacket - Lastly, a jacket. Last year I went from hot to cold so many times in the 8 hours of the blog conference that I was wishing I had a jacket multiple times. When you're in a room of 100 people, you never know what the temperature will be. That's just how conference rooms work, so bring a light jacket just incase.

These are my must haves to pack for a blog conference. Most of it can fit easily into your purse and camera bag which makes things a lot easier. 

Are you going to a blog conference this year? If you have any questions about the process and it's worth, please reach out to me at I would love to share my experiences and answer any questions you might have!