How To Get The Best Netflix Quality

How to get 4K or Ultra HD on Netflix and how to find shows in 4K on Netflix. //

Recently my Dad and I were having a discussion on why the quality of our Netflix just wasn't up to the quality of new televisions. Netflix has been very vocal about shooting their Original series in Ultra HD, but the problem was, we were not getting this stellar quality. Matter of fact, I really wasn't getting a stellar regular HD quality on any of my devices for Netflix. 

This is after I even changed our account HD + 2 devices to Ultra HD + 4 devices, since my Dad got one of those 4K HD TVs. Which left me thinking, "This was a waste of a whomping, $3 extra." As I was about to say "peace out" and downgrade back to our regular HD viewing. You know use that extra $3 for some good, like fries. I finally saw something that caught my eye. "Playback Settings." There it was, the goldmine I was searching for. 

Playback settings is where you tell your Netflix how you want your download speeds ran. If your internet has download speeds of 5 MBps or higher, you can get the best regular HD, and if you get 25MBps or higher you can get the Ultra HD. You can do a speedtest on your internet here: Now Netflix doesn't flat out tell you (it's on their website but you have to really search for it) to change your playback, so I highly suggest looking into it to see if you're getting the right quality for what you are paying for/want. My account was set to Medium which got me standard video quality, and explains the lack of HD viewing. So I've been paying for years of HD viewing, and getting NONE of it. So how do we do this?


How to get 4K or Ultra HD quality on Netflix. //

1. Got to & log into your account. If you are sharing the account with someone, send them this post, so they can log in and do it for you. 

How to set up 4K or Ultra HD for Netflix.

2. Go to Your Account. YOU MUST REPEAT THIS PROCESS FOR ALL LINKED ACCOUNTS. Example, I had to click "Dad" from this menu, then go to My Account, and proceed to the next steps so his Netflix would run this quality as well. (Yes, I share an account with my Dad. He pays for NFL RedZone, I pay for Netflix. Who really got the best deal here?)

Are you running the best quality definitions for Netflix? //

3. Scroll down to My Profile, find Playback Settings. This is your goldmine, click it!

How to get 4K or Ultra HD Netflix. //

4. Change your playback settings to "High" and save it. You can see where mine was set to medium, which meant I was paying for HD, but only downloading in standard definition. Not cool. You have the option of AUTO, which will base the video quality off your internet speed. However, I'm a pusher. I'm a pusher Cady, so I never want it in anything but High. That's it you're done. It's that easy.

How to find 4k or Ultra HD shows on Netflix. //

5. Let's test out your new quality. Go the search bar in your Netflix and put in 4K or HD. All the shows and movies that run 4K, Ultra HD, or HD will pop up. I highly suggest Narcos, because those overhead shots of Columbia are TO DIE FOR. Now sit back, and wow yourself. 

I noticed a difference immediately, and really can't believe I've been running Netflix on such a low quality. So go on, go find out if you've been running your Netflix in the right quality you've been paying for. 

What is your favorite series on Netflix currently? Narcos was amazing, and of course Making A Murderer.