How Much Alcohol Do You Need?

An infographic showing how to calculate how much alcohol you need to have for any wedding, event, or party.


 With the Holiday season ramping up you are probably on the cusp of hosting your own party. Whether it's Friendsgiving, Tacky Sweater Party, Chrismukkah, Wedding, or just a casual get together with friends, you'll want to make sure you are providing enough for your guests.

 A question I get asked a lot is, "How much alcohol do I need for this event?"

My answer, "Enough...enough to party." Okay maybe slow the breaks Fogel. It's really simple to figure out.

The average person will consume two drinks within the first hour of a party or event. After that if you are providing dinner, it will cut down to one drink per hour during the meal. If just a party, it normally drops to 1.5 drinks per hour, so to keep things easier, let's just keep with the 2 drinks an hour. It helps make up for anyone over pouring or over drinking. We all have that one friend.

So with that process in mind it's as simple as multiplying 2 drinks by the number of guests who will attend. Then multiple that number by how long the event is. Example: 2 drinks X 8 people = 16 drinks per hour X 3 hours for the event = 48 total drinks for the entire event.

Sounds like a lot right? Not when you consider over pouring & a variety of drinks. 48 drinks could be 10 bottle of wine, or 2 cases of beer. It's important to know your crowd and your event. If your crowd is light drinkers you could cut the number in half. A wedding or New Year's Eve Party, people always drink heavier. So then buy an extra bottle or two. You'll more than likely have a bottle left over but hey, you can keep it for yourself or give it to the DD to enjoy at home. 

Below I've made you an infographic you can reference whenever you like. Pin it, save it to your phone, or mark this page to come back to! Let it help you guide you through this party hosting season.

An infographic for how much alcohol you need for a wedding, party, or dinner party. Perfect for holiday entertaining and upcoming holiday hosting. //

If you have any questions about how much to provide for your party or any other party hosting questions, feel free to leave a comment down below. You can also email me through my website.

Are you hosting a party this holiday season? What are you most looking forward to if you are?