How Live Tweeting Helps Your Blog

How Live Tweeting Helps Your Blog Grow Traffic, Quick! //

If you follow me on Twitter you either love or loath me on a Monday night. Monday is my Bachelor live tweet night and I am a non-stop train of tweets for two hours. I join in with multiple groups including my own #ETRose to talk our way through The Bachelor episodes as they run live. More than likely you've dabbled in this in some way. Whether it's with the election, Grease Live!, or with the Super Bowl. Live tweeting is such an exciting way to reach an audience you may never have and bring new traffic to your blog. A typical Monday -Tuesday (counting people who stream/record) will bring in about 32.6K tweet impressions and gives me an extra 30-45 clicks to my blog and a chance to grab more followers. How do we make this happen?

A look at how live tweeting television shows helps boost blog traffic. //


You need hashtags like you need air, people. Probably THE most important hashtag to use is the one the show uses. For us it's simply #TheBachelor, and for shows like Once Upon A Time, they have a new themed one every week. Using these hashtags does numerous things but most importantly, it leaves your tweets accessible after the show is done. 

I mention my numbers from Monday - Tuesday, that is because a large amount of people are still commenting about The Bachelor well after it aired. Just because you're live tweeting, doesn't mean your traffic gain stops when it's over. You need to use hashtags to keep those involved who can't be there live or live in different time zones. Plus it lets your followers who can't participate in the moment, filter the tag so they can avoid spoilers. You don't want to lose followers because you gave away all the details! 


You don't have to have a huge audience to start live tweeting. I originally started tweeting in #TheBachelorChat run by SarahScoop. As my following grew and I had more friends get involved with it, I started running my own with #ETRose. The more involved I got with other's opinions and comments, the more boost I'd see with people responding back. I love chatting with people I never would get to in real life over our mutual interest of the show. Keep it fun, keep it authentic, and use GIFS. Your audience will grow, and follow you! It will leave them wanting to come back to hang out with you on show night. While the other days of the week you get a chance to share your content with them.


This works best if you're going to be there for almost every episode of the season or every major event. I watch other shows but Monday is the only night I know more often than not, I'll be home to catch it in real time. The more consistently your Twitter handle pops up on show night, the more people will start to recognize it, and the more it will bring people into the conversation. Eventually that will lead people to follow you, and they'll get exposure to more of your content that they elsewise never would have found. 


You've got people conversing with you, how do we get them to your blog? You know those three dots below your tweets? There it gives you an option to pin a tweet as the VERY FIRST thing people see when they come to your landing page for Twitter. Before I start live tweeting I always pin a Bachelor related post from my blog. If people are coming to your landing page you already share one thing in common with them, they will more than likely click through to your blog if you present like minded material to match it. 

How Live Tweeting Helps Your Blog Grow Traffic, Quick! //


I end every Bachelor live tweet session with a thank you for participating, and where to find more of my content during the week. Typically I'll plug a post I think fans of The Bachelor would like. For example my 25 Thoughts On The Bachelor or this Love Bug cocktail which themes perfect for the show. That way if people want to keep involved I've given them the perfect outlet to see more of what I'm talking about. 

Live tweeting is fun, and if you're already consistently watching a show, why not go ahead and get involved? It's such an easy way to boost traffic to your blog and meet new people who share a similar interest as you. It makes for a fun and relatable way to grow an audience who will get to know you through your honest thoughts and opinions. What's more authentic than that?

Do you live tweet? What shows do you live tweet? Remember tonight to join me for #ETRose for The Bachelor. 

Elle Heath