Hello, I'm Elle.


Welcome to Launch Day! 

Hello I'm Elle, or Michelle if you like to double your word score. This place is where I talk about the inspiration that styles my life. I wanted to create a space that lends to a variety of creativity, colorful living, and those sweet moments in between. You'll soon learn I do a lot of that by doing a lot of talking. I want Elle Talk to be a place you can laugh. learn, and find positivity in the everyday. We're talking taking the small things in life and making them big! HUGE! 

I believe in making waves. What do I mean by that? Everyday we're stuck in the same pool of boring routine. I encourage you to splash back at life and make it exciting! Whether that's creating a new piece of art, cooking up a new recipe, or getting a good laugh in. You see? Taking something small and making it impactful. I share these small things in four categories that you can always come to when you need them. They are;

The Talk - An Elle met a Bee and they got a Gee and this is their stor--EE. This is where I share it all like how I'm still breaking in my newly wed status, or the tails of owning a fiery fur child. This is your smorgasbord of me.

The Edibles - I. love. food. I also love a good cocktail. You can imagine this as your go to recipe box of delicious, heavenly, amazingness. Then again I'm probably being biased on that.

The Crafts - D.I.Y isn't the only thing that lives here. I'm sharing all my crafty hobbies from watercolor painting, art prints, and pretty much anything that I can spray paint gold.

The Events - I'm big on not visiting the same place more than 5 times in your life. This is my hunt for the new best place to get a taco, half price happy hour, and the best scenic view. Don't live in Houston? Don't worry I like to discover as I travel!

Another way I plan to make some power waves are with soundwaves. Coming February 10th I'll be airing my very own podcast. The podcast will be featuring my very own husband, B. We will be sharing our thoughts bi-weekly on the latest and greatest in current events with a creative twist. I am dying for you to hear it.

This is Elle Talk. It's been a wonderful adventure launching this website, and I can't wait to start releasing the content that inspires me and hopefully you. Until then, I couldn't let you go without giving you a little gift for coming to Launch Day. In an effort to encourage and inspire you to make waves, I'm giving out this rad little digital art print designed by yours truly! Print it out, hang it up, and let it remind you to make today better than ordinary. Let's make waves, ya'll.

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