Harold's Tap Room Fall Cocktail Menu

If you've been hanging around here for awhile you know I can't help but mention that we've yet to get hit with fall temperatures. At this point, I'm itching to get any type of fall relief I can. So when I heard one of my favorite bars, Harold's Tap Room, recently released a new fall cocktail menu, in the car to The Heights I went. Spoiler, it did not disappoint!


If you're unfamiliar, Harold's Tap Room offers up a variety of beer and wine on tap, and an awesome collection of house-made cocktails. Bonus they do in house liquor infusions that can get you involved in the cocktail making process! The type of cocktails and liquor infusions bar manager Lauren Muse is crafting up is the stuff that makes this little boozy blogger's heart sing. Not to mention her cocktail name game is on serious point. 

For fall Lauren has brought a lot of fun to the cocktail menu with drinks named UGGS & Tights, The Basic Bee, and Becky With The Good Hair. The cocktails cover a variety of those fall flavors we know and love like cinnamon spices, pumpkin, ginger, maple, apple, and pomegranate.


Upon arrival, the first thing I knew I had to try was the Like, OMG. Well true to its name, like, OMG. This fall in a glass cocktail is made of house made lemon-ginger vodka and house made rumchata rimmed with graham cracker crust and wait for it, a toasted marshmallow. I've mentioned how Brad and I spent many falls around a campfire at the lake house, and this reminds me of those sweet memories. It's perfectly sweet and spicy without being too much of the other. If you like Chai tea lattes, you will absolutely love this cocktail. 


Next up was a Tequila & Taxidermy, and it felt like the perfect cocktail to be ending these left over summer heat waves on. It's light like a margarita but flavorful enough for fall like a moscow mule! It's made with pomegranate and pumpkin infused tequila, which is a crazy combination I need more of. After that it's orange fruit liqueur, Cynar, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice and topped off with ginger beer. 


Like I mentioned before, Harold's Tap Room has a collection of house made liquor infusions that you can make your own cocktails with and they are really so delicious that you can just have them on the rocks to sip on. We tried the Banana and Clove Jameson and Pumpkin Spice Bourbon, only after I bumped the table and made them go everywhere. Crazy legs strikes again.

Banana and Clove is such a subtle and nice infusion that you almost forget it's not just how the Jameson tastes. It's pretty delicious! If you needed a morning pick me up, this would be the route to go, or maybe their maple and bacon vodka if Jameson isn't your choice.

Then there was the Pumpkin Spice Bourbon. I'm going to get real real right now and say this infusion was so delicious it made me jealous. It made me jealous I didn't come up with it, it made me jealous that it isn't in my house anytime I want it, and it just made me jealous of every person experiencing a real fall right now. I asked for fall and Lauren delivered it. Pumpkin spice lovers get this on the rocks, and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. 


To top off my evening of fall I asked Lauren to shake me up a cocktail using the Lemon Ginger infused vodka, which I previously had in the Like, OMG! It was incredibly delicious in that cocktail and I wanted to see how else it could be used. True to fall we hit different spicy and sweet notes throughout the cocktails we tried. When Lauren brought out this martini made of Lemon Ginger infused vodka and Campari it rounded out the evening with that subtle earthiness that comes along with fall time. It was the perfect ender to my quest for some sweet fall relief.  

Needless to say I'll be back because Harold's Tap Room and Lauren have captured everything I love about fall into their cocktail menu. Seriously, that Pumpkin Spice Bourbon, though. Harold's Tap Room will be hosting their Fall Cocktail Menu all season long, so if you saw a cocktail or liquor infusion that caught your eye swing by before the fall months are gone. Especially if you're like me and want to soak up as much of fall as you can before winter hits. 

What is your favorite fall flavor combinations, I'd love to know down below!

A big thank you to Harold's Tap Room and Integrate for having me out to try their fall cocktail menu, and to Lauren for being an incredible inspiration in the drinks she makes. If you want to know more about Harold's Tap Room, check out my post from summer!