Gifts For Dads Who Love Happy Hour

A list of gifts for Dads that love wine, beer, or cocktails that make great Father's Day Gifts. They make the perfect bar gifts! //

If you didn't know and let's be honest, this probably won't surprise you, my Dad and I share a bond off perfecting Martinis. Dirty Martini's to be exact. We've become olive brine affectionados and thus no brine is good without our help. It's a delicious black hole we've fallen into. I mean, I had to get my love of cocktail making from somewhere and I'm not saying it was for the Lynch side of my tree but...that's exactly what I'm saying. 

So I thought I'd share some of the most Dad style bar gifts I could find and I think you're going to love them. These Father's Day gifts for the Dad who loves cocktails or wine or beer, we're not judgemental here at Elle Talk, are perfect for the guy who loves to get in the spirit of spirits. Plus they make great gifts for Dad's regardless the holiday. So maybe birthday gifts for Dad? I think my favorite might be the Beer Growler that can double as a hot cocktail holder for football tailgate season! 


The perfect Father's Day gift for Dads who love happy hour. It includes gifts for wine, beer, or cocktail drinkers. Also great gifts for Dad's birthday! //

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Homemade Gin Kit - This kit comes with everything you need to turn your favorite vodka into a delightful and refreshing gin. (Of course except the actual vodka) The kit comes with the junipers, bontanicals, strainer and bottle to make gin in house in 36 hours. This could easily be a fun weekend project with Dad. Homemade Gin and tonic with grilled steaks? Yes, please.

Martini Atomizer - Speaking of gin, does Dad like dry martinis? This Martini Atomizer gives the perfect spritz of vermouth so Dad can stop taking the guesswork out of it.

Sphere Ice Molds - These silicone ice molds make the perfect slow melting sphere of ice that helps prevent that annoying watered down taste. Perfect for whiskey on the rocks or Old Fashion lovers. 

Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks - This comes compliments of my Dad. These stainless steel picks are perfect for martinis or any cocktail that deserves a garnish. The great thing is they are reusable and the correct cocktail pick size. I personally hate when three olives do not fit on my pick. 

Peugeot Electric Corkscrew - Another favorite from my Father's bar. An electric corkscrew opener has been one of my Dad's favorite gadgets for the last 8 years, back when I bought him his first one. With one button you can effortlessly unscrew your favorite wine.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Sealed Growler - Maybe Dad likes fresh beer on tap? This vacuum sealed growler is double walled so those cold tapped beers stay cold or those Hotty Toddy's for tailgate stay warm. Perfect for fishing trips or just to bring how tapped wine or beer, this growler is just cool. 

Beer Soap & Shampoo - This body soap and shampoo is a fun twist of a gift for Dad to laugh about. Let's be honest though because Dad's Dad, he'll actually use it. 

The Mixer's Manual - Got a Dad who loves to make cocktails at home? Send him to my website...or you could get him a cocktail recipe book. That is fine too. I love this Mixer's Manual with 150 recipes in it and another great ones is Shake from the guys who created the Gin Making Kit is a fan favorite as well. 

If your Dad is just starting up his home bar be sure to check out some of my Home Bar 101 series to find glasses, liquors, and other stock the bar gifts to give. So would you get your Dad any of these gifts? Do you and your Father bond off a boozy concoction like us? Please let me know down below!