Gift Guide For The Home Bartender

A collection of gift ideas for the man or woman who loves to home bartend and entertain. Great holiday gifts for a bar cart.

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A collection of gifts to get someone with a bar cart or who loves to entertain with cocktails. //

I'm going to admit something to you that might shock you. I have been banned from buying anymore bar accessories. Listen, it's not my fault. I can't help that people like Anthropologie and Kate Spade keep putting out the cutest sets of bar ware I've ever laid my eyes on. The polka dots, the beautiful glass colors, and don't get me started on the pun filled cocktail books I've found. However, I've run out of cocktail glass space and my husband is wondering what happened to his favorite beer mug. Sorry honey, I found super cute coupes on sale.

In an effort to stop me from receiving and instead begin the giving, I've put a gift guide together for you that will make any home bartender ready to cheers! I've rounded up my latest favorite find in barware and bar accessories that would make perfect gifts for those loving to entertain or who love to adorn a bar cart with unique items. It's got everything from cocktail books, bar cart art, and a gorgeous starry coupe glass.


A gift guide for the home bartender. A collection of holiday gifts to give to the him or her that loves to mix up cocktails and loves bar carts. Holiday Shopping. //

1. Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Book 2. Kate Spade "Call Me" Cocktail Napkins
3. Starry Anthro Coupe 4. Modern Gold Bar Cart
5. Hanging Barware Set 6. Hobnail Glass Shaker
7. Kate Spade Ice Bucket 8. Bonjour Wire Above The Bar Art
9. Arrow Reusable Cocktail Picks 10. Gold Dotted Whiskey Decanter and Low Balls
11. Twig Bar Spoon 12. The Waldorf Astoria Cocktail Book


I am obsessed with that cocktail shaker! Are you currently looking for bar cart finds? Let me know if you like little gift guides like this and would like to see more throughout the year. I love sharing those quirky pieces that brings a bar together! Especially since I'll be only looking until I can condense down my stash of champagne flutes. The wooos of owning a boozy blog.