Georgia Turns Two

A pup-date on my Irish Setter, Georgia, on her second birthday. We take a look back of the last year in fun we've had with our Setter. //

I going to go ahead and warn you that I'm a crazy dog lady and if you haven't figured that out yet then I'm doing a better job hiding it than I thought. That's about to go out the window, though.

Today is my sweet pup, Georgia's, second birthday. If you're unfamiliar with our story we have a full bred working Irish Setter or also known as a Red Setter. She's small for her age coming in around 55lbs and has a personality that I can't even begin to convince you that she actually has. You would just have to meet her to get it. For the first year of her life we spent countless visits in and out of the Vet due to gastro issues, ear issues, allergy issues, and at one point HGE. Luckily she grew out of getting sick all the time. She's our favorite running partner, the best crab pot patroller, and professional bird watcher. Clearly we are madly in love with her.

Over the last year we've had a lot of ups and downs as a family. Having Georgia has helped our little family in such ways I could never repay her for. She truly is a member of this family. We celebrate her birthday, we take her on adventures, and we try to make her life as great as she makes ours. Call us crazy dog owners, I don't really care. Georgia has been one of the best things to happen to our lives. 

So today I wanted to share what a year in the life of Georgia looks like. Warning it involves a lot of fun and a lot of cuteness. It's full of beach trips, naps with B, and countless mischief to be had. I'll never regret taking that 9 hour trip to pick up this sweet pup. Even when she hides my running socks in the couch. Happy Birthday, Georgia, our big gorgeous red.


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." - Josh Billings