Game Of Thrones Season 6 Review

A look back at my thoughts and game of thrones theories from season 6 and moving on into season seven of Game of Thrones. //

Editor's Note: This post is extremely long (1700+ words), so if you're looking to only read about certain aspects of this season, I've cleared off the tops in bold. I clearly enjoy this entire series TV & book-wise, so if it's not for you, then skip this post. 100% permission to do that because I go on and on about it. Thanks for playing.

Warning this post is dark and full of spoilers.

I repeat this post is full of spoilers.

Last time, it contains spoilers.

Alright if you are still reading I can only assume you enjoy being spoiled.

Last night was the holy Seven Gods of awesomeness season finale of Game of Thrones. Can we get a slow clap for how amazing the last two episodes of this season were? While the TV show has had to stray away from the books for awhile now. They've been given freedom to let loose this season with nothing to go on. I retract that because, if anything, David and Dan have been writing nothing but fan theories on Reddit and Tumblr. I'm here for that tactic too! While I may not be in the group that has waited for two decades (more like 7 years) for R+L = J to be confirmed, nothing feels better than getting exactly what you wanted.

It's been an interesting ride with Season 6. We have learned over the years that nothing good happens without a whole lot of bad, except this season. We were given great and with not bad repercussions. I have to ask is this because George R.R. Martin is no longer the controller of those fates? Is it because Game of Thrones likes to play on the many truths of life? This time, where life just starts handing you a few good cards when you least expect it.


Now if you're shouting at the screen because you do define Hodor, Margaery, Tommen, The DireWolves (Summer & Shaggydog) or Rickon's deaths as "too bad repercussions." Well, I agree to disagree to an extent. Hodor's death is the most upset I've been for a GoT character but that was with a well written three episode build up. Rickon's death, I don't think I breathed because they built it up for a win, and it wasn't. Margaery's death was so abrupt I forgot I will never see her again till writing this. Tommen, while mouth opening, felt a little like season one Stark justice. Yet, these aren't the big players of Game of Thrones. These characters were just pawns being moved by someone else. Every season we lose at least one main character, this season, we're still standing with them. So I count this season as a win, and because I have zero trusts in GoTs, I know next season will be a loss. For all our favs.

Speaking of deaths. Was there a death sweeter than Ramsay Bolton? Nope, not even, Joffery. 


So while those who died this season died with some of the best writing we've seen thus far for the Game of Thrones TV show. There were also some slip ups on the arch of characters. Number one of all: Arya. A girl must be broken to be made into the warrior she is, is a plot I can understand. However, the writing written around Arya was just not good at times. Specifically speaking episode 6-7. Arya Stark in no way would have freely walked around like hot caca without murdering the Waif first. Then the entire chase scene made zero sense on top of it. I'm a little bitter but with that said she made it across the sea to Westeros in one episode. Achem, Daenerys, I'm looking at you. (Shhhh, you're still my ride or die.)


This entire season of Game of Thrones has been driven by powerhouse moves by the women. Sansa freeing herself from Ramsay and taking the North. YES! Cersei-not here to make friends-Lannister taking unintentionally the Throne. YAS MAD QUEEN! Daenerys conquered and took the Dothraki army. Then saved Slavers Bay (erg, Bay of Dragons) with her dragons. SLAY! Yara Greyjoy while failed to get her seat caught the eye of Daenerys and won her favor. MMMHMM! Lady Mormont who gets more shit done in her 12 minutes of screen time than 6 seasons with our mains. SHE BAD AF! Arya though terribly written said "Not today" to the God of Death and she is back killing off our least favorite minor characters. KILLIN' IT! Let's not forget Gilly who stood up to Sam's father and caused Sam to say "BYE FELICIA". BLESS! Lastly, Margaery, while we will never know what her plan was, it was brewing and she was taking hold of it. YOU GO BOO! There isn't a moment of this season that is not made by the hands of the women of Game of Thrones. Who run Westeros? Girls! Can you tell that all this girl power has me pumped?

This season has been wonderful and I think a lot of that comes down to Dan & David of the show listening to their audience. While we won't know if the books to come will confirm whether they are giving us canon or it just so happened to line up with what George R. R. Martin has planned for these characters. What I do know is this season was made for the fans. There were ups and downs, but it was almost all ups for me. Let's talk theories they brought to life and how I think they will play out next.


Jon coming back from the dead thanks to the Red Woman. Okay, was it really the Red Woman? It had to be the Lord of Light for sure though, right? I'm sticking with my book theories here and saying he warged (like Bran does) into Ghost. A known First Men (Starks derived) trait. 

They gave us R + L = J. Jon Snow is now for fact Lyanna Stark's son and Ned is really his Uncle. (Possibly with a different name as well. It didn't exactly look like Lyanna said, "Jon.") Did anyone else feel a tinge of sadness for how brutal Ned's death was, again? It reminded us of how above all else Ned put his family above everything. What do I think this means for Jon? My theory is that it helps him make an alliance, a true, will never be questioned alliance with Daenerys. He needs her dragons to make dragon glass for the battle against the Whitewalkers, and Dany knows nothing of them. Simply they need each other. Do I think the Iron Throne is in Jon's future? Maybe. Going back to Dany's vision in the House of the Undying. Many think her seeing snow falling on the Iron Throne of the burned Great Hall is meant to be a sign she will take the throne in winter. To me it was falling for a reason, like everything in GoT, everything has a purpose. In time I think Dany and Jon will take back Westeros in its entirety. The burned Great Hall and snow falling sings that to me. Snow laid on the Iron Throne so maybe Jon will sit there. They also could divide the kingdoms and remove the one for all ruler. A true lasting song, of Ice and Fire. Dany has already shown where she will free the Iron Men from the Seven. Why not give Jon the North, and she keeps the South? 

Bran as the three eyed raven. Bran, the boy who ruined it all for us. Bran is the young Sansa. The kid is making mistakes because he's just that, a kid. I don't have a theory for him except, of course, he'll help battle the Whitewalkers.

Uncle Benjen still being alive. A lesson we hadn't learned yet in Game of Thrones is that if someone is not killed off in front of us, they are hanging around somewhere. So to no surpirse Uncle Benjen is still alive and kicking. The Hound, this is a shout out to you too. What is dead may never die much?

Cersei "Mad Queen" Lannister. "Burn them, we'll burn them to the ground, burn them all." Sound familiar from Aerys Targaryen. Cersei has slowly been on the spiral to insanity since Joffrey died. She knows a younger Queen is coming to take her throne, but will she go more crazy to see her brother Tyrion with her? Will the KingSlayer have to once again kill another mad royal? I'm thinking yes and possibly. I think Cersei's attempts to kill Dany will be with more wildfire at the cost of the entire city. History repeats itself on Game of Thrones. However Jamie I think will make a different approach this time about killing a mad royal. He won't kill the one he loves, just die with her as she turns the city to ash. Now if only he would kill Cersei and run off to be with Brienne. Is that asking for too much?

I'm sure there are more theories but that's all I can remember because this season moved fast. Plot lines we've been building on for years now are starting to develop and it was a lot to take in. So much so I'm already ready to re-watch the entire season. Does anyone want to HBOGo and chill? 

Overall I loved this season of Game of Thrones and it gave us that zing we've been asking for. I'll be interested to see where the fan theories develop from this point and who is right when it comes to the Iron Throne. We have only 13 episodes left of Game of Thrones. That's right season 8 will only be 3 episodes long. My theory is that season seven will be all about the new claim to the Iron Throne. Leaving the last season to the giant battle against the White Walkers. I mean they'll need an entire season budget to CGI that war.

So if you made it this far, thanks for sticking around. I can only assume you are a Game of Thrones fan if you did. Give me your theories and thoughts on season 6 down below. I'd love to discuss them with you. I mean, what else are we going to do until April 2017?