Fur & Wildlife Festival

Review of the Fur & Wildlife Festival in Cameron, Louisiana. // Bayou Rum // www.ElleTalk.com

This weekend I spent some time in Cameron, Louisiana. They were hosting their annual oldest and coldest Fur & Wildlife Festival. For such a small town they really know how to throw a huge get together! They have a oyster shucking contest, shooting contest, a parade, a 5k, gumbo cook off, live zydeco music, and even a beauty pageant. All carried along a two day stretch in January. 

I strapped on my best cowboy boot vest and off we went. Ya'll this Georgia girl had such a fun time! I'm not super familiar with the Louisiana culture but boy do I love it. I love their kindness, the passion for being cajun, and the history that comes along with the state. Plus get me around people who are equally excited about food like myself and you can't go wrong. 

Chicken on a stick at the Fur and Wildlife Festival in Cameron, LA. 

They had a plethora of cajun food stands to pick from. I enjoyed a delicious fried chicken breast on a stick. Light, crispy batter, all while still being juicy chicken. I want this as my last meal, it was that good. B had an alligator sausage po boy that was jammed packed with flavor. Cajun food is truly my downfall ya'll. After that we grabbed our Bayou Rum Gator Bite cocktails (TO GO! Bless those Cajuns.) and headed off to watch the parade.

The parade is like any small town parade but add 20x more the excitement. I would know I use to twirl in my town's parade. There are floats, fancy cars, fun music and beads being tossed for those down below. My personal favorite was a car called the Rat Patrol with a kid hanging out throwing beads. I managed to gather up a nice handful of beads, cups, and a purse full of candy to take home.

We ended our evening with fresh kettle corn popcorn, and live zydeco music. Next year my goal is to learn how to dance to Zydeco! The music is so fun, and a more upbeat version of country two step. Plus another chicken on a stick! If you get a chance to head out to Cameron, Louisiana next year for the festival, I highly recommend it. These people know how to host a festival! You can go out for just the day on Saturday and get your fill of all the attractions it has to offer. For more info on the Fur & Wildlife Festival check it out : HERE

What is a festival you attend yearly or want to?