Elle's Favorites : Webinars + Gin

I share my favorites in the review of dove style and car, brazos gin, looking fo alaska by john green, plumpify mascara by covergirl, the body shop elderflower eye gel, and heleneinbetween's webinars.

It's my first favorites post on this blog! I'm super excited to share with you the products I've been thoroughly enjoying lately. You might be thinking, "It's the middle of January, don't these come out the first of the month?!" Well I wanted to do things differently. I wanted these to show up whenever the mood strikes. If I'm really loving one lipstick all the time, I want to freely blog about it right then. It's all about sharing here on Elle Talk. Sometimes it may only be one product, sometimes it maybe 8! What I can 100% guarantee that they are products I'm living for at the moment. Let's get into it!

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  • Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel - I received this is The Body Shop's advent calendar I won from Candidly Kelsey's giveaway. I have been loving it since. I apply in the mornings to help awaken my under eyes and help with those pesky dark circles. My tip: Put in the redgridator to add an extra refreshing cooling effect.
  • Looking For Alaska - This is my favorite John Green book to the point that I wanted to re-read it. Which is something I've never done with the exception of Harry Potter. Looking for Alaska is all about those informative teenage years where you feel like you're unbreakable. Except the character learn that they are, and they deal with the challenges of life in the real ways that people do. It's a refreshing mix up from all the "life is perfect" stories we all love.
  • Dove Strength & Shine Hairspray - Every time I go to my darling friend Taryn's house, I use her Dove Hairspray for a lot of reasons. The two main ones though, it smells divine and leaves my hair BANGIN'! Prime example, my sidebar photo. I finally bought my own bottle and it is my holy grail. Perfect for curling or straightening hair, with all day hold, and fabulous shine. Seriously, buy it. You're welcome.
  • Plumpify Mascara - I have a love hate relationship with mascara. It's a game changer to your make up but a nightmare to take off. At least for this sensitive skin and eyes they are. I received this in my VoxBox, so free, but I'll be repurchasing because this gives me spider like eyelashes. I don't know about this whole "plumpify" effect. However it gives length like no one's business, and comes off easy when you're ready to take it off. Again sidebar photo, yo.
  • Brazos Texas Style Gin - I've been making Spritz The Greyhounds lately and I get a lot of questions on what gin I use. For this type of cocktail or for anyone who wants to get into gin, I recommend Brazos Gin. It's easy on the juniper, which is that christmas tree taste you get with popular gins, and has wonderful citrus that shines through. I am in love with this stuff, and too be honest it's become my favorite gin out of them all. They are a small company out of Pilot Point, Texas but I've found it in a few Specs around Houston. Specifically the one on Smith Street.
  • Helene In Between Webinars - I could not have put this blog together without the webinars I've taken from Helene In Between. I repeat COULD. NOT. HAVE! Now she didn't tell me how to use Squarespace or how to design a whole new blog, no. She taught me how to have a blogging vision and how to achieve it. Now what that will be is different for every blogger but she shows you how to make your blog finance itself and in turn will get you an audience that will help make your goals and vision happen. Lately I've been revisiting the Quit Your Job To Blog and Instagram For Success courses (you have them fo' life w/ free updates, holla') to make sure I've got my entire brand in shape. Good thing because I've forgotten a few steps along the way. This is on my favorites because it's the best money I've spent in the last year. Heck I'd put it on my favorites every time if I thought you wouldn't get sick of me singing about it. If you're a blogger, and want to get your blog to the next level, look into this. You can even reach out me if you have questions on what caliber it changed my numbers, sponsors, and more. Sharing is caring, remember?

These have been my favorites as of late. You know what I really want to add to the list? Bronzer. If you have any bronzer recommendations for this girl send them my way, or if you've posted about it, put the link down below!

I share my favorites in the review of dove style and car, brazos gin, looking fo alaska by john green, plumpify mascara by covergirl, the body shop elderflower eye gel, and heleneinbetween's webinars.