Dog High Fives + A Boozy Survery

I share what's currently going on in my life that includes dogs that high five and a boozy survey. //

It's been awhile since I've just sat down to write out about how our lives have been. Matter of fact I'm going to start it out with just this simple phrase, life is good, ya'll. Even when it's crazy busy with packed schedules, and part of your home has been under reno, it's hard not to look around and see the good in it all.

Life currently has looked a little like this:

  • I ran a 5K + 1 mile. Ever since I've been trying to drop my 5K time down, and would like to try another one. Am I....becoming a runner?! ::gasping emoji::
  • The master bathroom was renovated after our shower started leaking back in February. It did take a month and half, but it's finally done!
  • We finally started decorating our home which has been a project in itself. However I'm loving the new modern colors in the kitchen (silvers, slates, blues) that match my La Creuset wear. I'm an addict okay. I love the Creuset. 
  • We made this kick butt peg board for all my craft supplies. I'm madly in love with it because I'm an organizing junkie. It cost a total of $30 to make from Lowes. 
  • Elle Talk has seen some seriously big changes lately. Do you like the new Pinterest themed home space?
  • Not to mention I'm working with some awesome companies coming up to help share the lifestyle side of my blog. It can't always be cocktails....Don't tell cocktails I said that okay?
  • That podcast I was suppose to do? It will happen but I had to come to terms with the fact that it was too soon. So we're revamping the theme, and will be launching it at the end of the year. I feel better coming to terms with that slight failure, and I actually feel really good about it's new direction.
  • I've made a lot of new blogging friends and with that has come some seriously exciting meetups! 
  • Speaking of my schedule, April is filled. I literally have no more room to plan anything. That's crazy but also really exciting. I think I'll sleep all of May though.
  • Our two year Anniversary is coming up and I'm trying to top last year's paper scavenger hunt. Please submit your ideas below. PART 1 & PART 2
  • Georgia is sick, which is not good! However we have a plan to recovery and that has me singing a few praises. She did learn how to high five in the midst of this.
  • I have a new favorite TV show, Heartbeat. I really hope it stays good, I need a good medical drama.
  • My husband taught me how to whistle grass. It's the little things about having a backyard y'all.
  • I've had an itch to throw a party, but I have no what, when, why, or theme.
  • Going back to running, I'm a FitBit step counting junkie. Oh, do I need to run in place while opening this wine? Bring it.
  • We're making fall travel plans, can you guess where to?
  • I may finally be getting the swing of Manual mode of my DSLR. Please throw confetti because this has taken awhile.  
  • Lastly I've been jamming out to this song and I wanted to share. I'm sure you've heard it but just incase it hits the ears of the few that haven't, enjoy. 

While things have been busy they've been a lot of fun. I'm excited for what this next month has to bring. Which speaking of, next month I'd really like to dedicate the cocktail recipes I make to you followers. I'd love to get to know what you like, what you don't like, and if you've been dying for me to put a spin on your favorite drink. If you wouldn't mind taking this quick boozy survey to let me know what you've been craving to see here, I'd greatly appreciate! 


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