25 Blogger Meetup Ideas

25 blogger meet up ideas aka 25 friend date ideas. Bloggers need to get together and these are great ideas on how to do just that! // www.ElleTalk.com

You know what blows my mind? When I hear that bloggers in other cities don't meet up and have blogger hang out sessions. Maybe Houston bloggers have spoiled me but I feel like there is always a meet up to go to, a creative influencer's session to be at, and plenty of one on one coffee dates with fellow writers. While we all might not be in the same tribe, Houston is it's own pack. Maybe a wolf pack? We're not very good at letting someone be a lone wolf in this blogging world, and I can't imagine moving to a city where that's not the mainstream. 

One of my favorite meetups to date was super informal. Alice from LoneStarLookingGlass invited us out to watch a free play of Legally Blonde The Musical at an outdoor theater. We set out blankets, brought food to share, instagrammed, talked blog talk, and then enjoyed the show. It was nice to just hang out and not necessarily have it fully focused on being creatives. 

That's why I'm encouraging you to do the same with fellow bloggers. I've made up 25 Blogger Meetup Ideas to help fellow creatives get together and have a little fun. Some are heavily blog focused others are just to have a blogger's night out. 


  • Meet up somewhere cool and take each other's photos. 
  • Plan a shopping escapade at a popular Mall or Outlet Mall. 
  • Grab brunch or happy hour together.
  • Plan a picnic at a local hang out. Bonus points if you can get the food sponsored.
  • Catch an outdoor movie.
  • Go glamping one night and have a tent styling contest!
  • Host a blog day at your home. Practice flat lays, and work on blog posts together.
  • Plan a weekend road trip to a popular destination. Can you imagine the SnapChat opportunities?
  • Take a cooking class together.
  • Grab coffee as a group and work on code for your websites.
  • Rides bikes and backdrop hop, taking the most instagram worthy photos. 
  • Get together for The Oscars, The Bachelor, Ect and live tweet as a group. 
  • Spend a day out at a baseball game and get your sports bloggers to teach you all the rules.
  • Grab your pups and take them on a doggie date. Blog dogs need friends too.
  • Have a fitness blogger host a free yoga in the park session & grab smoothies together afterwards.
  • Find a cute lunch spot and share photography tips as you practice on your food.
  • Dress up in your fashionable best and reserve a table for dinner at a resturant.
  • Creatives love wine...and paint...you see where I'm going? 
  • Sing your hearts out to some karaoke to release some of that creative tension!
  • Start a book club together and meet up weekly! Total lifestyle material.
  • Bond over desserts at a bakery and have a Pinterest party. Pinning fellow blogger's pins over cupcakes? Uh yes, please.
  • Enjoy free museum days as a collective to inspire post ideas. 
  • Make a blogger video together. Double the points for it being a cheesy music video with pop ups.
  • Test your smarts as a group at trivia night!
  • Go to a local event like an art festival, greek fest, or street carnival. 

The possibilities are endless and not necessarily always formal. Sometimes bloggers need to let their creativity fly free to have some serious fun. I'd love to know, does your cities' bloggers get together for meetups? What things do you do if so?