Apparently I'm Going To Do A Triathlon

I signed up for my first Triathlon as a goal to beat fear in my 27th year. Triathlon stories. //

Our Sports Authority is going out of business so everything is 70% off right now. Of course having a Marathon Husband meant we hit up those sales like they were no one's business. Oh, wait...I guess technically they aren't. 

Well as I was casually skimming yoga pants I had zero desire to actually do yoga in. I came across this gorgeous, reversible, TYR one piece triathlon training suite. Then the idea kind of hit me, "I'm going to do a triathlon. I'm going to buy this bathing suit and just do it." It was the only one left, it was in my size, it was $15, our public lap pool just opened, and we just fixed my bike. Clearly it was all meant to be! That was that and now I'm doing a tri. Okay, thanks for coming.

I'm kidding. If there is something I've learned about myself in 27 years it's that I don't do well without goals and that fear holds me back. Those tend to contradict each other a lot. So while over the last few years I've tossed around the idea of doing a sprint triathlon (0.2 Mile Swim, 10-mile bike, 2 mile run in this case) I've have been putting it off. "Explain, please." Well, I had enough PE coaches verbally beat into me that I was not cut out for that type of physical activity in my younger very impressionable life (what Colorguard was considered looking back, I have no clue). So there has been a fear factor that I physically couldn't do it no matter how hard I trained and that I would just disappoint myself. You can't go into a triathlon with that kind of mentality, you'll fail. 

Let's take a break here and just give a shout out to all those Rome High & Rome Middle PE Coaches along the way that yelled at me for being a bad runner but never took the time to teach me how to run properly. Which there is a wrong and a right way to run. Stellar work there guys. Okay, cool back to our scheduled program.

As a goal for 27, I wanted to stop letting fear dictate things I wanted to do. Thus, what better way to not only knock down something I've been wanting but fearing to do and set a goal for myself to keep busy with. Mix that with a cute bathing suite being on sale and being completely human in needing justifications for purchases. It all leaves me with about 18 weeks to put the pedal to the medal and get ready for what will be one of the hardest things I've physically accomplished. I know even I think this is slightly crazy. I'm scared as hell too but it's different this time. So there is a good chance I might not finish, probably an even greater chance I'll hurt myself in training and not make it to the race, and I'm going to question the sanity of this idea multiple times. I'm willing to risk that because the real fear, this time, is in not trying. Clearly my moto will be: #ITRId

As I go along this journey I want to hear from you! Do you want updates on my training? Do you want me to share the details of how I go about it? Let me know down below and if you have in triathlon advice I'd love to hear from you!