A Year In Elle Talk + Survey

A recap of all the recipes from 2016 and reader's survey to help mold 2017!

A recap of all the recipes from 2016 and reader's survey to help mold 2017! // www.ElleTalk.com

What a year it has been for 2016. While a lot of people are ready to see 2016 come to a close, I can safely say I'm a little sad to see it leave. On a personal level, Elle Talk has done more than I could have expected this year. While we are a week away from the year anniversary of Elle Talk opening, I am blown away by the response thus far. When I left my old blog to begin re-start this journey over at zero, it was scary. It took me two years to grow my pervious blog to a place where I felt it could hold success. Well, there was nothing to fear. You guys love Elle Talk and it speaks in the growth this year. 3 months ago I surpassed the numbers I was hitting on my pervious blog and it just keeps going up. More and more people keep arriving and staying to read the stories I tell through food & drink. All the sharing, liking, and commenting you've done over the year is a huge part of how Elle Talk has grown. So thank you for supporting this giant endeavour. I am so honored to write and create content for all of you. I really feel like I've found my footing in this blog.

So what does a year of Elle Talk look like?

Elle Talk has produced 109 blog posts in 2016!
That's 27 cocktail recipes.
That's 12 food recipes. Something I didn't add to Elle Talk till summer!
The rest are a mix of lifestyle pieces, bar tips, how tos, fitness, events, and pupdates!
We had a Home Bar 101 series you can see here!
There was my series in training for a triathlon over the course of the summer!

My most popular post is this recipe for a Classic Dirty Martini.
My most popular food recipe was this post for Summer Grilled Chicken Salad!
My most popular lifestyle post was this one about Cotton Anniversary Gifts.
My most popular pin on Pinterest is this one for my Halloween Black Magic Cocktail.
Elle Talk made #BoozyTalk, a hashtag that have 200+ photos from numerous users!

Elle Talk has worked with 10 brands this year, you can see a list of that content here.
Elle Talk was also featured in a styled shoot here!

My personal favorite posts to create this year were this Harry Potter drink that caught on fire and the Black Magic cocktail mentioned above because it looked like the galaxies in a glass.
My favorite photographed post was this Banh Mi because the colors turned out beautifully. 

On a personal level my highlight of the year was finishing my triathlon and shredding my projected time by almost 30 minutes. You can read all about it here & my future fitness goals for 2017 here.

When you break things down like that it, it really makes 2016 look like a big year. There is so much growth that has happened! Which really inspires me to push for bigger next year. In 2017 I'm looking to add videos, open two shops, and create bolder content! It's going to be a serious learning curve but I'm excited to share that with you.


 Since I couldn't have made 2016 this epic year in blogging that it has been without you, I'd love to know what you'd like to see more of in 2017. I really want to start creating more of the content you love. Plus I'd love to know what you don't like about Elle Talk. Let me hear it all because I can't grow without it! 

So if you have a few moments, I'd love for you to take this survey below or through this link, to help my 2017 blog year be better than this year. 

Thank you again for being apart of my journey in blogging this year. Your support in this space means the world to me and I never think I could fully thank you. Until next year, cheers my dear!