25 Thoughts On The Bachelor

25 Thoughts I've had about Ben Higgin's season of The Bachelor 2016. // www.ElleTAlk.com

I'm not sure at what point in my life I went from, "I'll never watch The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) because it's degrading, and lacks true depth of love ..." to "It's Monday, let's live tweet The Bachelor!!!! #GETHIGGIWITIT!" However, it happened and I'm fully conducting this Bachelor train. I mean listen, do I think this is a legit way to date someone? No. Do I think it sets up these relationships to fail? TOTALLY. Do I think it's a great excuse to drink wine? YES! Will you please accept this Rosè? With that, pour yourself a glass of wine, here are the thoughts I've had about The Bachelor so far.

  • Ben Higgins is a legit catch. Intelligent, thoughtful, and holds his actions accountable with these girls. Direct quote, "I'm responsible for how my actions make these girls feel, and react in this house." This is a serious 180 from Chris Soules season of kiss 'em until I diss 'em.
  • This season must be sponsored by hot tubs. We've had 3 hot tub dates so far, 3!
  • Watch out for sour perfumes.
  • Making gifts for your date's children is about the damn cutest thing I've ever heard. 
  • Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are not all about spending the benjamins.
  • The first episode should have been named "Bachelor Horror Story: Circus."
  • Calia is my type of company, and I love it. Happy hour is on me next time I'm in Boston.
  • Lace picking self love first, is the most important thing that will happen on this season of The Bachelor. YOU GO GIRL.
  • Chicken enthusiast is an occupation, and so is being a twin. Clearly I've gotten my career goals out of whack. ::Adds dog enthusiast back on the resume::
  • How I think the writers room for The Bachelor went: "We brought sisters to Bachelor in Paradise, let's bring twins to The Bachelor! We're geniuses. Cupcakes on us. No, not you Chris."
My thoughts on Ben Higgin's season of the bachelor 2016 so far. 
  • Speaking of Chris, anyone catch Ben's reference to last season? "Let me take you on a magic carpet ride!" Even Ben misses Chris. 
  • How do these girls keep flawless manicures without a manicurist?
  • How do they play soccer and their makeup stay legit perfect? Gimme that setting spray, girl!
  • These girls can sweat zero makeup off but 10 seconds into a cry session it looks like a Sephora threw up on their faces. One word, waterproof mascara ya'll. 
  • Did Olivia take out a car loan for her 40K wardrobe? You'll be lucky if homeboy remembers what color your dress was and if it had "those sparkly do dads" on it. 
  • Where do they keep the secret stash of really cute bikinis? Why don't I have a secret stash of cute bikinis?!
  • Announce a death = start drama over a massage? I really shouldn't have missed that Geometry class because of the flu in 9th grade.
  • I would love to personally see Jubilee get Bachelorette for next season. I want an entire season of that much sarcasm. 
  • Toe contouring is about to become the new eyebrow filling. 
  • The twins could be Christina Applegate's double--erg--triples. 
  • The fact most people didn't have a clue who Amos Lee was, KILLS ME.
  • Some girls get left behind..for two whole episodes. Who are you? Where did you go? Did you get lost in the mansion? 
  • Going back to high school is super weird in your late twenties early thirties. 
  • Software sales talk can be sexy. If by sexy you mean, we share similar interest in career goals that establish us being financially stable and able to co-fund a life we can happily live, then yes. That is sexy.
  • Why is the wine already gone? x3

Overall I think this season has been a little bit of a let down. Ben is a likeable guy, and you could have had an old fashion Bachelor season, where most of the girls there are there for the right reasons. Then again I watch TV, not make it. With that said, I can't wait to get to the final four where I think this show will really take off for me, personally. I think those lucky women will be Jojo, Lauren B, Calia, and Amanda S. Not to mention I think Lauren B. had the final rose the second she stepped out of the limo. Sean B memories much? Maybe you just need to be a B to come out on top? 

If you want to join me tonight for more The Bachelor fun I'll be live tweeting the episode. If you've joined me in the past take note I am changing our hashtag because the original one was just too long! From now on it will be #ETRose. 

What are you thoughts on The Bachelor this season? If you don't watch what are shows are your guilty pleasure? Let me know down below. Thanks for the talk.