20 Reasons Why You Need The Beach

20 reasons why you need the beach and to love the beach. Everything is better on isalnd time. // www.ElleTalk.com
  1. Salt water is the best thing for your skin. It's basically a skin care routine.
  2. Also beach hair don't care couldn't be real without le' salt air.
  3. You can catch your meal, cook it, and eat it all in the same place. 
  4. Sand between your toes is not only an exfoliant but the ultimate key to relaxation. Zac Brown said so.
  5. Have you ever picked sea glass? It's like finding buried treasure.
  6. You can hear the ocean in conch shells which is as close as we get to being mermaids.
  7. Speaking of mermaids, they live at the beach. Don't even try to tell me they are not real!
  8. No where else is it socially acceptable to pee on someone than at the beach. Thanks jellyfish.
  9. Is there a better feeling than sipping on a cold drink while basking in the sun?
  11. Neon colors are acceptable color palettes only at the beach.
  12. Wet suites are the original spanx. Everyone looks good in them.
  13. Build a sand castle to destroy it is not only therapeutic and a good life lesson.
  14. No where else can you get shirtless emergency response.
  15. Trying to maneuver in the sand is a work out you needed but didn't want.
  16. Coconut everything.
  17. The amount of activities available while at the beach are out of this world. Want to surf? Let's surf! Want to jet ski? That's fine! You just want to lay there? Even better!
  18. Tiny umbrellas in pineapples, people!
  19. People are just friendlier, everywhere on the beach.
  20. Nothing in the world can make you sleep better than the sound of ocean waves at night.

The reality is I'm at the beach this weekend and I couldn't be more excited about it. For us the beach means visiting family, a very happy sandy Setter, and the ultimate relaxation. I'm off to achieve mermaid hair while sipping on a cocktail. This last week was a crazy one and not one of the best in a long time. Some much needed down time is needed! Where do you go to relax? If it's the beach, what is your favorite part?