10 Days In Asheville, NC

Lately, I've been a little MIA. If you follow me on Instagram (@Elle_Talk) you'll know that I've spent the last 10 days vacationing in Asheville, North Carolina. It was a well deserved get away to the mountains that Brad, Georgia, and I all needed after this busy year.

I share a quick recap of our 10 days in Asheville, North Carolina where we visited New Belgium Brewery, Green Man Brewery, hike Dupont Forrest, tried Wicked Weed Brewery and ate at French Broad Chocolate. // www.elletalk.com

Lucky for me Asheville is where part of my family calls home. Instead of taking time off to travel during Thanksgiving, we opted to go in September. I don't know about you but I hate trying to go anywhere during Thanksgiving, traveling is just the worst. Plus the weather is just better in September. Think low 80s and cool breezes. Needless to say after our 108-degree heat index in Houston, it was a welcome change.

It's about a 16-hour drive from Houston to Asheville, and it's one we always opt to do. Mainly because it allows us to take Georgia with us. My family is big on dogs, so she's always spoiled rotten when she's taken up there. Which means, WE HAVE TO TAKE HER! She also has a new pup friend to play with, Remy. If you remember back earlier this summer my parent's got a new dog! Brad would say we make the drive so he can bring more beer back. Asheville is known as Beer City (aka Heaven, to Brad) with a little less than 25 breweries in the area. Some favorites of ours Highland, Green Man, Wicked Weed, Catawba, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and French Broad

On this visit, we actually were able to tour New Belgium which just opened their Asheville location this year. Our tour guide David did an amazing job of keeping the fun going on the tour and we got to slide down a three-story slide after a beer.  It's set on the river in the Arts District of Asheville and is just gorgeous. Later on, in our trip, I surprised Brad with a brewery tour at Green Man Brewery. Green Man makes a killer Porter that Brad had on his first trip to Asheville, and he's been in love with the brand since. Our tour of Green Man was incredibly cool because we were seeing that stage of a microbrewery starting to turn into a regional brewery, which is a big leap to make. I was afraid Brad was about ready to leave me for Green Man. Like I said, he's big fan.

Since we are talking beer, my favorite place to get a beer is Wicked Weed. Not only is the food bomb, like our goat milk based cheese plate, but their beer is wicked. They are always crafting up new flavors of beer, like 6 different pumpkin beers! I opted for their beer that was a play on the classic Dark And Stormy cocktail. The beer was aged in rum casks and had notes of ginger in it. DELICIOUS! Wicked Weed is just brewing cool and unusual things over at its place and I'm all about it.

I always end a Wicked Weed visit up the street at French Broad Chocolates. Yes, a chocolate place that serves chocolate everything. They make truffles, liquid sipping chocolate, and their own ice cream. This time around I opted for a toasted coconut champagne float (YES BUBBLES AND ICE CREAM) and Brad went for coffee ice cream. Some days in Septemeber are hot, and it was just what we needed.

Outside of drinking beer and delicious bites in the city of Asheville, we love packing up a backpack and heading out into the mountains. Asheville is lodged right in the Blue Ridge Parkway which has an abundance of beautiful places to visit. We got up early one morning, grabbed Georgia, and headed out to High & Triple Falls. Two gorgeous waterfalls up in Dupont Forrest that is an easy hike for man and man's best friend. Georgia loved not only getting to really be out in nature but also swim in the pools by the waterfalls. To be honest I think we spent 90% of our time outside on the side of a mountain in some shape or form during our trip!

The best part about our trips to North Carolina is getting to spend it with my family. My parents retired to Asheville a few years ago, my brother followed along to the great city not long after and that means I don't see them as often as I like to. I see my family once a year maybe twice if I'm lucky. For us, really going to North Carolina is about spending that time we wish we had more of, with the people we love. I feel incredibly grateful that I have a husband who loves visiting my family on long stretches and bonds incredibly well with them. He even helped my step-mother host Trivia night in front of a crowd of people he didn't know! Needless to say, he loves them as much as I do. 

So, that's where I've been. I've been having martinis with my Dad (his recipe is here), playing with dogs, climbing mountains, date nights with my Brother & Sister-in-law, walking flower bridges, and relaxing with some of the best people I know. Thanks for waiting for me to come back. Sometimes you just need to recharge in a place you adore. 

Let me know down below, where do you go to recharge and get away from it all? Would you be interested in my favorite places to go in Asheville? There are so many places like Biltmore, kayaking, and The Grove Park Inn!  I'd love to know if you would!

If you are visiting Asheville, North Carolina and need recommendations please feel free to email me at: ElleHeathTalk@gmail.com