The Power To Thrive

How Thrive Blog Conference changed my views on blogging in this review that includes freebies for bloggers. //

Lately I've been thinking a lot on how I want this blog to thrive on the internet. I love the idea of working together with other bloggers to boost our platforms and make friendships. Which you're about to start seeing a lot of! Growing your blog on the internet is a hard job to do, and it's a job that can't be done alone. See I want Elle Talk to be a place where if you're a blogger, you feel supported without having to pay for that support. It's a concept I started churning in my head after my first blog conference, Thrive Blog Conference. Thrive is centered around the concept of blog power. Much like girl power, it's cheering on your fellow blogger not tearing them down. You work together to pave a road we can all build our blog dreams off of.

See, Thrive Blog Conference for me was like walking into a sisterhood I didn't know I needed. The bloggers are there to teach, empower, and influence each other in an uplifting and positive network. That's the key that sets it apart from other conferences. Much like a sisterhood, you stick together through the whole conference instead of splitting up. Together you learn how to properly monetize a blog, grow a following, photography skills, and branding. We discuss questions and share tricks in a group setting that is open and we network like crazy! That's what is the center to Thrive. Everyone gets a seat at the table, and we can all be successful in this together attitude. That's a pretty bold and powerful statement that you feel the moment you walk in.

See while Thrive is a super fun blog conference experience that teaches you the interworking of bettering your blog big or small, it also a concept that rubs off on you. Once you go to Thrive, it's game over, you're a changed blogger. As someone who walked in as an unknown blogger, knew no one, and super shy, I still walked out with a group of blog sisters who've helped me grow long after the conference. See the internet needs more of that good. Us bloggers deserve that foundation that Thrive is set on.

How Thrive Blog Conference changed my views on blogging. //

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That's why when I started Elle Talk I wanted zeal and laughter to be the core of it. Much to the foundation Thrive is made off of. The main chunk of my audience is bloggers, heck, you're probably a blogger reading this right now. I want this space to be a space where positivity influences you, and we can have the power to thrive together. How do I do that though at this stage? Well right now I have two things I can offer to start this process. 

  1. For as long as Elle Talk runs, instead of bloggers paying to be featured, it will always be free. We can swap posts for a day, or whatever we come up with, but no matter what it's free. 
  2. Next month I'm going to start adding sidebar ADs for other bloggers. Guess what? That will be free too. (A first come first serve basis.)

As I get bigger, and my options get bigger, I want to use that power to help my fellow sisters. I want us to support each other, and I want to do that well into our successes of blogging. I hope you join me on this journey.

If you want to know more about Thrive Blog Conference and get to experience its awesomeness, click here. I'd love to see you there this year in February. I'd love to talk about this sisterhood, and set a foundation with the power to thrive. Getting to meet bloggers in the real world is such a special experience that feels like coming home. I encourage all of you to make your way to one, if not this one, in the future. 

For the sake of transparency. I was not paid by Thrive for this post today. It's a conference and experience I hold very near and dear to my heart. If you have questions and want to talk more about my experience please go to my contact form, here.