5 Life Lessons I've Learned From Chip & Joanna Gaines

I share 5 life lessons I've learned from Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Market. // www.ElleTalk.com

Photo from Magnolia Blog.

If you follow me on Twitter you very well know that I have a slight obsession with Fixer Upper. To be fair though, who doesn't at this point? I think we all secretly have our grande trips to Waco, Texas planned to shop the Magnolia Silos and high hopes of running into the relatable duo themselves. Plus who doesn't want a Signature Magnolia Wreath or three. However after binge watching all the seasons you start to realize that Chip and Joanna are not only fixing up homes but they've been giving out positive life lessons over the years.


5 Life Lessons I've Learned From Chip & Joanna

1. It's Okay To Be Silly. 
  If the words Chip Gaines didn't flash across your mind just then, you might just be on the wrong post. I love those moments when Jo is trying to be serious and Chip finds a way to make her laugh. There is something so refreshing about the way they balance each other out like that. For me personally, as I've gotten older I sometimes forget that everything doesn't have to be so serious all the time. It's good to be silly and it's good to just act like a kid every once in awhile. We all could be more like Chip every now and again.

2. Work Hard, Dream Bigger.
  The Silos, the blog, the bakery, the paint line, the rug line, furniture collection, renovating houses, a book, and who knows what else is next for Chip and Joanna. There is one thing the Gaines understand. Working hard lets you dream as big as you want. Did you know Joanna doesn't even have a design background? That didn't stop her though. All you have to do is read about their daily schedule and know it's not for someone who doesn't have the heart for it...or those of us who enjoy a lot of sleep. If you've ever wondered how they manage to do it all, it's because they work hard every day to make the dream come true. As someone who has a side business with big dreams, I can't help but look up to that ethic!

3. Make Life Yours.
   Chip and Joanna were asked to give their best design advice in Glamour Magazine and they said, "Don't be afraid to step on a limb and design your home the way you love it...Do what you love. Do what is important to you and your family." However that can easily translate into life advice. We see a couple who doesn't own TVs in their home and kids who are constantly engaging in their parent's work life. That's not everyone's idea of living but it's theirs. You should do the same for your life. Do what is important and sensible for you and the ones you love. Make life yours and make it the way you want it. 

4. Everything Has Character.
    The phrase "this has such character" is running a competition with "shiplap" and "remove this wall" on Fixer Upper. A worry of Joanna's every episode is getting the clients to see her vision. Joanna & Chip see a lot of good in a whole lot of bad. It takes awhile to be able to see the positive side to something that first seems negative. After about 10 episodes you start learning that everything has character if you're just open to it. 

5. Praise Your Partner.
   Time and time again you see Chip praise the being that is Joanna. Not just in beauty but in the many shoes she fills. Joanna praises Chip for his strength whenever she can, even in front of contractors, workers, and clients. My favorite is in front of their children, I think we all remember when we saw our fathers as superheroes, she helps aid that. The encouragement never stops between the two of them regardless of their surroundings. I've never been shy of glorifying my husband, however I do it when talking about him not at him. Maybe it's been 8 years and that comfort level has set in. You know the, "Well honey, it's been 8 years, I thought you just knew how awesome you were. I didn't think I had to tell you anymore." Wrong, don't be a me or my girlfriends. We all discovered we've been making this mistake for way too long. I re-directed that conversation I was having with my girls and guided it to him. I swear there has been an extra pep in his step since. 

While The Gaines have their own trials and tribulations because life is not perfect. They are a couple you have to admire and it's nice to have positive influences on the television for once. Tell me, what is your favorite Fixer Upper moment down below!